iFit4U adds to STAR Council 5K

BRAD KEITH brad.keith@empiretribune.com
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When Jami Dominguez sets her mind to accomplishing something, watch out.

Because Dominguez doesn’t stop until she hits her goal.

A personal trainer currently offering free services in Stephenville, Dominguez established team iFit4U to attract runners to the STAR Council Run for Recovery 5K held last Saturday at Stephenville City Park.

Dominguez reached her goal of drawing approximately 50 paid entries to the event, and even provided T-shirts to her team members. The crowd dwindled due to injuries and conflicting schedules, but seven children even registered to run under the iFit4U label.

“Her son bet her she couldn’t get 50 people to enter with her and it became a mission,” said Tandi Gunter, a friend of Dominguez, by email. “She just wants to help people see that they can have a better, healthier life.”

But before becoming a certified personal trainer and helping others, Dominguez had to help herself to a healthier life, and it all started by logging onto Facebook.

“She was overweight and on Facebook one day and saw that a friend had posted that she had just run a couple miles that morning,” Gunter said. “Jami decided right then and there she was tired of being overweight and just started to run.”

Dominguez battled soreness and ankle problems at first, but as she became stronger she soon found the pain and injuries were going away.

“Soon she only saw a fit body,” Gunter commented.

Gunter met Dominguez in June 2011when she entered her shop in running clothes.

“She asked if I was a runner and I said, ‘Yes,’” Gunter said. “She told me to meet her and lets go run. We’ve been running partners since.”

Gunter is six months pregnant and said the STAR Council event was her last 5K until after her baby is born.

The added runners were more than welcomed by the STAR Council, which holds the annual 5K to raise money for its charitable services to families suffering from from substance abuse challenges. The organization annually provides training to almost 7,000 students in 58 schools as well as intervention services for up to 200 “at-risk youth,” according to its website, starcouncil.org.

And just as STAR Council welcomed team iFit4U, Dominguez is anxiously waiting to welcome Gunter back onto the running trail.

“Jami has already bought me a running stroller,” Gunter said. “I am sure at the first of 2013 I will be back at the 5Ks.”