Burks lands state record meanmouth bass

Empire-Tribune Staff

Brandon Burks of Stephenville recently landed himself a big fish and a big title. 

Burks, a fishing guide and owner of Burks Fishing charter, was recently named the state record holder for catching a mean mouth bass weighing 8.52 pounds from Lake O.H. Ivie. Burks, who was using an Alabama Rig, landed the record-beating fish in January.

Brandon Burks of Stephenville, a fishing guide and owner of Burks Fishing charter, was recently named the state record holder for catching a meanmouth bass weighing 8.52 pounds from Lake O.H. Ivie.

Mean mouth are a hybrid species of half smallmouth and half spotted bass. Burks' fish and the previous world record were a rarer, largemouth and smallmouth combo. The last two state record mean mouth bass were both caught from O.H. Ivie Lake a little more than a year apart.

Lake O.H. Ivie has become a much talked-about big bass lake because of the large bass being pulled from its waters. Two 14-plus pound largemouth were caught within the first two weeks of 2022 and the lake has reported dozens of bass weighing over 10 pounds in the previous seasons, according to information from shopkarls.com

The story of him catching the record fish as provided by Burk's wife Stormy:

"He was out with a client livescoping fish using an Alabama Rig and he lands his mean mouth bass (smallmouth/largemouth hybrid). He hadn’t even gotten the fish out of the net before recognizing it was a mean mouth bass. He now holds five different records including the state record and lake record. He actually got the whole thing on video. It’s pretty cool to watch him catch it and then immediately recognize the rare species of fish! All while his client is not fully understanding what just happened catching a record fish!" 

Some of the various titles and records local bass fisherman Brandon Burks holds across the state of Texas.

Before guiding fulltime, Burks worked in the concrete business with his father who is an established Texas tournament angler himself.

"He decided a little over a year ago to go for his dream to fish for a living! He is a triple threat, he does guide trips, electronic training/set ups and he fishes several trails (trails are like a sports season) along with our couples' tournaments," according to information from Stormy. "He is doing something you don’t see anyone else doing. Along with being a captain for a team out of Brock High School bass fishing club for Nevan Osburn and his buddy."

According to his wife, Burks has been bass fishing all his life. He is a third-generation fisherman and is passing it down to their 13-year-old son Carter and 6-year-old daughter Laityn, who are both students in Stephenville schools.

"He started fishing tournaments at an early age with his dad, Donald Burks, winning his first tournament at the age of 8 or 9. He held the Mineral Wells state park lake record for awhile but still holds the youth state record," according to information provided by Stormy.

"He loves sharing his passion for the sport of bass fishing with the youth and plans to get more involved with our high school bass club and Tarleton college teams in the near future. The more kids he can get fishing the happier he is!"

For more information on Burks Fishing, find him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Burks-Fishing-105247781675945/