Turf renovations for Tarleton baseball, softball fields officially under way

TSU Sports Information
The ground has been broken on the south side of the Tarleton State University campus for new synthetic turf, fence and lighting for the Texan Baseball and Softball programs.

STEPHENVILLE – Artificial turf is coming to the Cecil Ballow Baseball and Tarleton Softball Complexes this summer.

The ground has been broken on the south side of the Tarleton State University campus for new synthetic turf, fence and lighting for the Texan Baseball and Softball programs. The projects are expected to be complete before next spring.

Lonn Reisman

"It's an exciting time to be a Texan," said Vice President for Athletics Lonn Reisman. "First of all, I would like to thank our president, Dr. James Hurley, for his leadership and vision in making these renovations come to fruition. We are thrilled about our continued growth as an NCAA Division I program and these renovations are the first step in continuing our pursuit of rising to this new level of excellence."

Beginning on the playing surface, Tarleton will install Hellas Matrix Turf on both fields and all bullpen areas. Surrounding the new turf will be a brand-new, 10-feet high Champion Wall in the outfield and six-feet high, vinyl-coated chain-link fencing down the foul lines. The baseball field will extend up to 16-feet high in centerfield for the batter's eye.

The field dimensions will remain the same at both facilities. The baseball field will be 320 feet down each line and 400 to straight-away centerfield. The softball field will be 190 feet down the lines and 220 feet to centerfield.

The project also includes a new Ephesus LED Lighting system at both fields. The upgraded lighting system will enhance both venues and meet the requirements for hosting NCAA regional broadcasts.

For a complete gallery of renderings, visit TarletonSports.com/galleries. Please note, the photos are renderings and not exact representation of the final display.

About Hellas Matrix baseball/softball turf

This specialty turf has a shorter pile height which was developed for baseball and softball artificial turf. Matrix® Baseball/Softball is built and installed without dirt or clay, giving it the durability of artificial fields but still keeping the natural grass look that requires little maintenance and is easily replaceable in extreme wear areas, extending the life of the field.

About ChampionWall

ChampionWall is a baseball or softball outfield wall system made from extruded PVC. This high-performance athletic wall replaces outdated chain link fencing, padded outfield walls, and windscreens. ChampionWall provides nostalgic stadium feel with interlocking synthetic panels that create a sturdy wall that will stand the test of time. The same materials in Championwall are used for seawalls and recommended by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. ChampionWall® is a sturdier, longer lasting, better looking alternative to chain link fences and metal or wood panels. With ChampionWall® there is no rust or rot. ChampionWall is the long-lasting, low-maintenance way to give your athletic program a true "stadium feel".

About Ephesus lighting

Ephesus was founded with the certainty that we can improve the world with lighting solutions that contribute to brighter, more vibrant, and more sustainable environments. Through our uncompromising commitment to innovative and insight-driven engineering, we provide the solutions and support to help people confidently create more positive and productive experiences in the places they live, work, and play. The power of these ideas has helped us grow and expand; and in 2015, we were acquired by Eaton, a global leader in technology.