5 questions for Emily Stroebel

Mark Wilson mwilson@empiretribune.com
Emily Stroebel

Emily Stroebel is a 5-5 senior defensive specialist on the Stephenville Honeybees volleyball team and straight-A student at SHS who achieved academic all-district honors last season.

This is her second season on the varsity volleyball squad, and her fourth year as a cheerleader for SHS.

Here are five questions the E-T asked of Emily Stroebel:

E-T: Do you have plans to attend college?

Emily: “I’ve been accepted to Texas State. I’m finishing my application for Texas Tech.”

E-T: In college, what do you plan to major in?

Emily: “I want to go toward pediatric nursing — mostly nursing. I really like working with children, and being around them.”

E-T: Do you have a hobby?

Emily: “I like to read. I mostly just read love stories.”

E-T: If you had a chance to go see any music artist perform in concert, who would you choose?

Emily: “I think I want to see Beyonce. She’s just all over the place, and she really does put on a good performance.”

E-T: What do you like most about playing volleyball?

Emily: “I love diving on the floor and getting crazy with my team.”