CCPRA releases final rodeo results

Special to the E-T

The Twisted J Cowboy Capital of the World Pro Rodeo concluded on September 25, 2016 with the final performance sponsored by Ag Texas Farm Credit.  The event was a great one as more than 600 contestants competed for the great prize money and the outstanding prizes.

In the Easter Heat and Air Bareback Riding event the win went to Casey Colletti on Carr Pro Rodeo's Dirty Jacket.  The Pueblo, Colorado cowboy rodeo the horse for 89 points to secure first place. He received $2487, a trophy buckle by First National Bank of Paducah, trophy spurs from BWS Land Services and a trophy rifle courtesy of Beau Mayo.  Second in the bareback riding was Richie Champion from Dublin, Texas with a score of 84.5 points on Pete Carr's Classic Pro Rodeo's Hometown Girl.  Third went went to Winn Ratliff with a score of 84 points.

The winner of the Barbara Hampton and Family Steer Wrestling was Baylor Roche from Tremonton, Utah with a time of 3.5 seconds. Roche earned $2854, a trophy buckle from Cowan Ag Solutions, trophy spurs from Three Palominos Boutique and a trophy rifle from Trans Texas Tire.  Second place was Ty Erickson with a time of 3.6 seconds, while third place went to Jason Thomas with a time of 3.7 seconds.

Coopers County Store was the title sponsor of the Tie Down Calf Roping.  Tyson Durfey from Weatherford, Texas turned in the fastest time of the competition with a time of 7.3 seconds.  The win secured him $2500, a trophy buckle from Deans Car Wash, trophy spurs from All Around Laundry and a trophy rifle from Dr. Dustin Dorris.  Second was Michael Otero with a turned of 7.5 seconds.  Third place was a split between Marcos Costa, Ike Fontenot and Weston Hughes.

The ABF Packing Saddle Bronc Riding win came out of the final performance.  The number two cowboy in the PRCA World Standings CoBurn Bradshaw from Beaver, Utah won the rodeo with a score of 85.5 points atop Carr Pro Rodeos Dueces Wild.  Bradshaw earned $2577, a trophy buckle from Grumps, trophy spurs from Dublin Livestock Auction and a trophy rifle courtesy of Charles Soileau and Farm Bureau Insurance.  Second and third was a split between Jesse Kirby and Audy Reed. They were 84 points.  Fourth place went to Jackson's Cawley on Get Back Jack with a score of 83 points.

The Smith Ranch Realty and Southwestern Advisory Group Team Roping Event came right down to the last day.  When it was all said and done there was a three way split for first place.  Ty Blasingame and Cole Davison were 4.4 seconds.  Chase Wiley and Arles Pearce were also 4.4 seconds.  During the Sunday matinee performance, Brandon Webb from Carrizo Springs, Texas and Mickey Gomez from Holland, Texas were 4.4 seconds.  The split resulted in a split of the cash. Each team received $7192. Blasingame and Davison received the trophy buckles from Barber Quarter Horses and Amber Homes. Wiley and Pearce received the trophy spurs from Huey Van Lines and 3 C Performance. Webb and Gomez received the trophy rifles from Key'd Up Rodeo and Swindles Jewelry.  Fourth in the team roping went to Rowdy Rieken and Wesley Johnson.

The Mitchell Pipe and Supply County Team Roping was a big hit at the rodeo.  Each night was a different competition. The first performance win went to Trevor Kirchenschlager and George McQuain.  The pairing won $2000, plus trophy Tres Rios buckles from Corkill Ranches.  The second performance win went to Clayton Eggers and Ben Gambrell.  They earned $2000 plus trophy buckles from Barber Quarter Horses.  The third performance win went to Clay Long and Taylor Mitchell. They took home $2000 plus trophy Tres Rios buckles from Cooper's Country Store.

The winner of the Brazos Valley Equine Hospital Barrel Race was Stevi Hillman from Weatherford, Texas.  She ran a time of 14.99 seconds during the final performance of the Twisted J Cowboy Capital of the World Pro Rodeo.  Hillman received $3662, a trophy buckle by Animal Health International, trophy spurs from Tammy Culpepper, and a trophy rifle from M5 Ranch and Fulton and Trina Murray.  Second place went to Kelly Bruner with a time of 15.04 seconds. Third place was Pamela Capper from Cheney, Washington with a time of 15.10 seconds.

The win of the JJ Hampton Realty Bull Riding went to Trevor Reiste from Linden, Iowa on Porkey from Carr Pro Rodeo.  Reiste won $2933, a trophy buckle from JJ's Cowboy Tobacco, trophy spurs from Smathers Herefords, and a trophy rifle from Chad Decker in memory of the late Cavin James.  Second place was Garrett Smith from Rexburg, Idaho and third went to Colten Jesse from Konawa, Oklahoma.

The Twisted J Cowboy Capital of the World (CCPRA) Pro Rodeo is held at Lone Star Arena in STEPHENVILLE, Texas. Over the last few years, many changes have been made concerning the Cowboy Capital of the World PRCA Rodeo. The event has grown into one of the best rodeos in the entire county. For the second straight year, the CCPRA Pro Rodeo has been nominated for Medium-sized Rodeo of the Year in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Not only is it one of the top five events its size, PRCA members have recognized it as one of the 20 best out of more than 600 rodeos

All-around cowboy: Landon McClaugherty, $1,184, tie-down roping, team roping and steer roping.

Bareback riding:

1. Casey Colletti, 89 points on Pete Carr Pro Rodeo's Dirty Jacket, $2,487

2. Richmond Champion, 84.5, $1,907

3. Winn Ratliff, 84, $1,409

4. Shane O'Connell, 82.5, $912

5. Bill Tutor, 82, $580

6. (tie) Mason Clements and Jessy Davis, 78, $373 each

8. Chad Rutherford, 76.5, $249

Steer wrestling:

1. Baylor Roche, 3.5 seconds, $2,854

2. Ty Erickson, 3.6, $2,482

3. Jason Thomas, 3.7, $2,109

4. Dirk Tavenner, 3.8, $1,737

5. (tie) Trevor Knowles and Josh Peek, 3.9, $1,179 each

7. John Franzen, 4.0, $620

8. Clayton Moore, 4.1, $248

Team roping:

1. (tie) Chase Wiley/Ace Pearce, Ty Blasingame/Cole Davison and Brandon Webb/Mickey Gomez, 4.4 seconds, $3,596 each

4. Rowdy Rieken/Wesley Johnson, 4.6, $2,750

5. (tie) Coleman Proctor/Billie Jack Saebens, Logan Olson/Walt Woodard and Jake Cooper/Tyler McKnight, 4.7, $1,904 each

8. (tie) Anthony Lucia/Wesley Moss, Caleb Smidt/B.J. Dugger and Cale Markham/Austin Rogers, 4.8, $635 each.

Saddle bronc riding:

1. CoBurn Bradshaw, 85.5 points on Pete Carr Pro Rodeo's Dueces Wild, $2,577

2. (tie) Jesse James Kirby and Audy Reed, 84, $1,718 each

4. (tie) Jacobs Crawley and Kobyn Williams, 83, $773 each

6. Cody Anthony, 82.5, $430

7. (tie) Cody Wright and Zeke Thurston, 82, $301 each

Tie-down roping:

1. Tyson Durfey, 7.3 seconds, $2,500

2. Michael Otero, 7.5, $2,237

3. (tie) Marcos Costa, Ike Fontenot and Westyn Hughes, 7.6, $1,711 each

6. Landon McClaugherty, 7.7, $1,184

7. Shane Hanchey, 7.9, $921

8. Robert Mathis, 8.0, $658

9. (tie) Bryson Sechrist and Reese Riemer, 8.1, $263 each

Barrel racing:

1. Stevi Hillman, 14.99 seconds, $3,662

2. Kelly Bruner, 15.04, $2,930

3. Pamela Capper, 15.10, $2,380

4. Jackie Ganter, 15.16, $1,831

5. Jill Wilson, 15.22, $1,465

6. Jane Melby, 15.25, $1,099

7. Mary Burger, 15.29, $916

8. Paige Willis, 15.31, $824

9. (tie) Wendy Suhn and Shelley Morgan, 15.33, $687 each

11. Sarah Rose McDonald, 15.37, $549

12. Martha Wright, 15.38, $458

13. Kyra Stierwalt, 15.40, $366

14. Amber Leigh Moore, 15.42, $275

15. Ari-Anna Flynn, 15.47, $183

Steer roping:

First round:

1. J.P. Wickett, 9.5 seconds, $1,663

2. Chet Herren, 9.8, $1,376

3. Rocky Patterson, 9.9, $1,089

4. (tie) Marty Jones and Tony Reina, 10.3, $659 each

6. Chris Glover, 10.5, $287

Second round:

1. Corey Ross, 10.0 seconds, $1,663

2. Scott Snedecor, 10.1, $1,376

3. Guy Allen, 10.4, $1,089

4. JoJo LeMond, 10.8, $803

5. (tie) Cody Lee and Tony Reina, 11.0, $401 each

Third round:

1. Ryan Willberg, 9.8 seconds, $1,663

2. (tie) Jim Locke and Vin Fisher Jr., 10.6, $1,233 each

4. (tie) Neal Wood and Mark Milner, 10.8, $659 each

6. JB Whatley, 10.9, $287


1. JB Whatley, 33.1 seconds on three head, $2,494

2. J.P. Wickett, 33.8, $2,064

3. Rocky Patterson, 34.3, $1,634

4. Chet Herren, 36.1, $1,204

5. Randy Williams, 36.2, $774

6. (tie) Chris Glover and Marty Jones, 37.2, $215 each

Bull riding:

1. Trevor Reiste, 87 points on Pete Carr Pro Rodeo's Porkey, $2,933

2. Garrett Smith, 84, $2,248

3. Colten Jesse, 83.5, $1,662

4. Joe Frost, 83, $1,075

5. Toby Collins, 80, $684

6. Ardie Maier, 79, $489

7. Trevor Kastner, 78, $391