TSU grad Cress sets CCWPR Saddle Bronc mark

Mark Wilson
Paden Hurst from Huntsville competes in the Saddle Bronc Riding event during the 51st annual Cowboy Captial of the World Pro Rodeo, which completed its four-day run Sunday at Lone Star Arena in Stephenville.

Erath County resident Brody Cress, a 2019 graduate of Tarleton State University, set a Cowboy Capital of the World Pro Rodeo record score of 89 points Sunday in Saddle Bronc Riding to win that event.

Cress, a 24-year-old native of Cheyenne, Wyoming who now resides near Morgan Mill, had an 89-point ride to help close out the 51st annual four-day event, at Lone Star Arena in Stephenville. Bradley Harter was runner-up with 87.5, followed by Wade Sundell third with 87, Rusty Wright fourth with 86.5 and Stephenville’s Jacobs Crawley fifth, with 86. Crawley ranks 8th in the PRCA Saddle Bronc Riding standings.

The ride by Cress surpassed the previous Cowboy Capital of the World Pro Rodeo (CCWPR) mark of 88 for that event, which had been held by Heith DeMoss since Stephenville’s 2017 rodeo. DeMoss is a nine-time qualifier for the PRCA’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

“It’s awesome,” Cress said of winning the title and setting a CCWPR record, in a Monday phone interview with the E-T. “I love that rodeo. It’s pretty much my second hometown rodeo. It meant so much to me.”

Cress hasn’t let his young age get in his way on the pro circuit, finishing second in the Saddle Bronc World Standings (for money earned) in both 2017 and 2019.

Cress was a three-time College National Finals qualifier while he was a student at Tarleton, where he earned a degree in Agri-Business last December, and a master’s degree in Consumer Science.

On Dec. 16, Cress won the Saddle Bronc Riding average title for the second time in three years in the NFR in Las Vegas — an appearance that caused him to miss his graduation commencement ceremony at Tarleton.

Cress was a three-time high school state wrestling champion at East High School in Cheyenne — which is home to the famously huge Cheyenne Frontier Days event.

“Wyoming will always be my home, but being here (in Erath County) works out better,” Cress said.

Frontier Days officials announced a couple of months ago that its 2020 rodeo had been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic concerns. That marked the first time in the 124-year history of the Frontier Days that it was not held.

“That (the CCWPR) is an amazing rodeo,” Cress said of the iconic Stephenville rodeo. “I’m thankful we were able to have it.”

Cress had several family members who were active in rodeo before him. His father, Tommy, is an ag teacher who used to compete in saddle bronc events. An older brother, Blaze, is a former PRCA saddle bronc rider who now trains cutting horses in the Weatherford area. And their mother, Lannette, grew up on a ranch.

The All-Around Cowboy title for the CCWPR was captured by Maverick Harper, from Louisiana. Harper competed in tie-down roping, steer wrestling and team roping and received $1,356. Harper ranks 10th in the PRCA’s all-around standings.

Kaycee Feild from Utah won the Bareback Riding title with 88.5 points, earning $1,489. Feild ranks No. 2 in the world in PRCA’s Bareback standings. He is the son of Lewis Feild, a five-time PRCA world champion (All-Around, 1985-1987; Bareback Riding, 1985-1986).

Four competitors tied for first place in Steer Wrestling, each with a time of 3.7-seconds — Stephenville resident Jace Melvin along with Maverick Harper, Blake Knowles and Cody Devers. Each earned $1,356.

Dustin Boquet won the Bull Riding competition, for his fifth title in that category of 2020. His score of 88 points brought him $1,805. Shane Proctor and Clayton Sellers tied for second, at 86.5.

Tyler Wade and Billie Jack Saebens won the Team Roping event with a time of 3.7 seconds. They earned $2,530 each.

In Tie-down Roping, the winners were Tyler Milligan and Mesquite Mahafey. They posted a time of 7.9 seconds and received $$2,001 apiece.

The Bull Riding event was won by Dustin Boquet, with 88 points to earn $1,805.

BryAnna Halputzok posted a time of 15.40 seconds to win the Barrel Racing competition, for $2,098. Ilyssa Glass was runner-up, with a time of 15.43.

Erath County Martha Angelone captured the Breakaway Roping title with a time of 2.10 seconds, picking up a check for $1,790. After runner-up McKenzie Ray, Stephenville’s legendary JJ Hampton took third place with a time of 2.60. Hampton has won 17 Professional Women’s Rodeo Association world titles over the years.

Garrett Hale was the winner of the Steer Roping title Thursday, which was reported in Saturday’s E-T. Hale’s three-round total time of 35.9 seconds topped the field. The legendary Trevor Brazile of Decatur placed third.



All-Around Cowboy — Maverick Harper, $1,356, tie-down roping, steer wrestling and team roping.

Bareback Riding — 1. Kaycee Feild, 88.5 points on Pete Carr Pro Rodeo's Painted River, $1,489; 2. Tilden Hooper, 86, $1,128; 3. Jake Brown, 84.5, $812; 4. Cauy Pool, 84, $541; 5. (tie) Jacob Lees and Kolt Dement, 83, $271 each.

Steer Wrestling — 1. (tie) Jace Melvin, Maverick Harper, Blake Knowles and Cody Devers, 3.7 seconds, $1,356 each; 5. Rowdy Parrott, 3.8, $807; 6. (tie) Jason Thomas, Dalton Massey and Kodie Jang, 4.0, $367 each.

Team Roping — 1. Tyler Wade/Billie Jack Saebens, 3.7 seconds, $2,530 each; 2. (tie) Garett Chick/Kirby Blankenship and Chad Masters/Wesley Thorp, 3.8, $2,035 each; 4. (tie) Tyler Waters/Richard Durham and Cody Snow/Junior Nogueira, 3.9, $1,375 each; 6. Manny Egusquiza Jr./Tyler McKnight, 4.2, $880; 7. Luke Brown/Patrick Smith, 4.3, $550; 8. Kolton Schmidt/Hunter Koch, 4.5, $220.

Saddle Bronc Riding — 1. Brody Cress, 89 points on Pete Carr Pro Rodeo's Secret Agent, $1,582; 2. Bradley Harter, 87.5, $1,199; 3. Wade Sundell, 87, $863; 4. Rusty Wright, 86.5, $575; 5. Jacobs Crawley, 86, $336; 6. Parker Fleet, 83, $240.

Tie-Down Roping — 1. (tie) Tyler Milligan and Mesquite Mahaffey, 7.9 seconds, $2,001 each; 3. Cooper Martin, 8.0, $1,582; 4. Andrew Burks, 8.2, $1,303; 5. Kyle Lucas, 8.5, $1,024; 6. Weldon Watson, 8.6, $744; 7. Chase Williams, 8.7, $465; 8. Zack Kirkpatrick, 8.8, $186.

Barrel Racing — 1. BryAnna Haluptzok, 15.40 seconds, $2,098; 2. Ilyssa Glass, 15.43, $1,799; 3. Molly Otto, 15.51, $1,499; 4. Wenda Johnson, 15.53, $1,299; 5. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, 15.58, $999; 6. Kenna Squires, 15.59, $799; 7. Stephanie Fryar, 15.61, $600; 8. JJ Baldwin, 15.62, $400; 9. Leslie Smalygo, 15.64, $300; 10. Sue Smith, 15.71, $200.

Steer Roping —First round: 1. Cash Myers, 12.0 seconds, $1,000; 2. Ryan Willberg, 12.1, $827; 3. (tie) Martin Poindexter and Corey Ross, 12.4, $569 each; 5. Tony Reina, 12.5, $310; 6. (tie) Landon McClaugherty and Trevor Brazile, 12.6, $86 each. Second round: 1. Dalton Walker, 9.5 seconds, $1,000; 2. Jess Tierney, 9.7, $827; 3. Mike Chase, 9.8, $655; 4. Cole Patterson, 10.3, $483; 5. Billy Good, 10.9, $310; 6. Shay Good, 11.3, $172. Third round: 1. Thomas Smith, 9.1 seconds, $1,000; 2. Vin Fisher Jr., 9.8, $827; 3. (tie) Cole Patterson and Cody Lee, 9.9, $569 each; 5. Landon McClaugherty, 10.2, $310; 6. Laramie Allen, 10.4, $172. Average: 1. Garrett Hale, 35.9 seconds on three head, $1,499; 2. Landon McClaugherty, 36.4, $1,241; 3. Trevor Brazile, 38.4, $982; 4. Martin Poindexter, 39.0, $724; 5. Cash Myers, 39.2, $465; 6. Ryan Willberg, 39.8, $259.

Bull Riding — 1. Dustin Boquet, 88 points on Lancaster & Jones Pro Rodeo's He Reigns, $1,805; 2. (tie) Shane Proctor and Clayton Sellars, 86.5, $1,176 each; 4. Colten Fritzlan, 85.5, $656; 5. Chase Dougherty, 85, $383; 6. Tyler Bingham, 81, $274.

Breakaway Roping — 1. Martha Angelone, 2.10 seconds, $1,790; 2. McKenzie Ray, 2.50, $1,557; 3. JJ Hampton, 2.60, $1,323; 4. (tie) Lari Dee Guy, Karen Little, Cheyenne Britain and Whitney Thurmond, 2.80, $739 each; 8. (tie) Erin Johnson, Jackie Crawford and Loni Lester, 3.00, $52 each.

Brody Cress