Letter: Get informed about solar plants

Stephenville Empire-Tribune

Every day I look for something to be extremely grateful for and today it is the fact that we in Erath County are only fighting a single solar plant for now!

Thursday evening, I went to Comanche County to talk to an old friend and meet many new faces. They were all there for one reason. They are looking at two solar plants, one incorporating 10,090 acres and the other 1,027 acres. Hard to imagine 12,000 acres in a sea of solar panels.

There is also a threat of more coming in. Their faces showed they were somewhat in a state of disbelief that this was actually going to happen to them, as neighbors and landowners in the county. Once more the story of neighbor against neighbor plays out in another county of Texas, and many of the neighbors still don’t know it’s happening to them.

This group is getting mobilized and working on a plan of action. They will be meeting on a regular basis for a while, and I will post those dates for anyone who wishes to join them. Life is full on a daily basis as a landowner, and these are challenging times, but everyone needs to be vigilant of what is going on around you.

These industrial complexes being set up are huge land hogs, with little return on the tax dollars brought into the county over the long haul, and only a couple of employees. Not to mention the surrounding land values plummeting, the environmental issues, the wildlife concerns, and the visual impact of these eyesores on the edge of town for the next 50 years or more. As a friend said, there are no do-overs with solar farms, the land is destroyed for many lifetimes.

For anyone wanting to find out more about the solar plants and their impact on the county, please come to our Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, Dec. 9 at City Limits, Stephenville. It’s open to everyone wishing to join us and learn more. We have an impressive panel of speakers set up who will give their perspective and answer your questions.

Joanna Friebele, Erath County