Letter: Travelers appreciated help

Stephenville Empire-Tribune

My wife and I were on a trip to Stephenville with the Cal-Tx motorcycle group (employed and retired law enforcement officers from Texas).

Friday afternoon around 5 p.m. we had started to Grandview when our 56 Chevy 4dht/white over blue stopped running. We pulled over and I raised the hood, at the same time a rider went by on a Harley, made a U-turn, stopped and asked if I had trouble. I explained to him, I didn't know if I was out of gas or the fuel pump had stopped working.

He went home, got his pickup and gas to return. We poured gas in the tank with no results. He called two mechanic friends that came to our rescue and found a loose wire that was disconnected from the fuel pump. That did it!

My wife and I just wanted the folks in Stephenville to know that you have at least three wonderful angels there.

GR and Judy Culpepper/Canton, Texas