A gem of a doctor

Staff Writer
Stephenville Empire-Tribune

Dear Editor:

I am contacting you regarding a local physician, Dr. Avi Deshmukh. I am a former resident of your area having been a professor at Tarleton State University for nine years. While I now reside in the Denver area (since 2008), I am still tethered to your area because of Dr. Deshmukh.

Dr. Deshmukh has performed several procedures on me since the early 2000s, and my trust in him is implicit.

I have returned to Texas on multiple occasions to receive treatment from him. Travel restrictions due to back problems in 2017 forced me to find a Denver-based urologist whose aggressive treatment plan recently led down a path to the emergency room, followed by a recommendation of a major surgery as the only way out.

But I called Dr. Deshmukh’s office and within a few days and a plane ride, I was in his office.

Dr. D helped me with a non-surgical, therapeutic path forward that has been very successful. We have every reason to believe that this can be a long-term alternative to major surgery.

I was in a position of crisis and great anxiety six weeks ago. A combination of Dr. Avi Deshmukh’s significant urological expertise, solid judgement, and genuine caring and compassion has restored me to normal, with great hope for the future.

And he frequently checks up on me to boot! He is unlike any other physician that I’ve been a patient of.

I want you and your readers to know what a gem you have in Dr. Deshmukh.

Stuart H. Warnock

Wheat Ridge, Colorado