Support Shelby Slawson for county judge

Staff Writer
Stephenville Empire-Tribune

As the former Stephenville City Administrator, I had the honor and privilege to serve withone of the candidates for County Judge who I believe to be a very special person. That person is Shelby Slawson.

Shelby has a history of service to the citizens of Stephenville and Erath County. She took on leadership roles in the City of Stephenville Annexation Committee as well as the Stephenville Economic Development Authority (SEDA). Shelby has long attended Stephenville City Council meetings and she has never hesitated to ask the tough questions or provide well thought out solutions that faced our community. In my opinion, she is the only candidate with the skills that are necessary to forge stronger bonds and relationships between the city and county governments.

Shelby is a long time resident of Erath County, a graduate of Stephenville Schools and, she is also a business owner. She is active in many segments of the Stephenville/Erath Community. As a successful business owner, Shelby is not seeking office for glory or a government paycheck. Instead, she is seeking to serve the citizens of Erath County because she has a servant’s heart and she wants to see Erath County and its citizens reach greater prosperity and a greater standard of living.

You will not find another candidate for County Judge who will work harder. You will not find another candidate for County Judge who will be more informed. You will not find another candidate for County Judge who will be more passionate in serving or who will ask tougher questions to get to the bottom of an issue. You will not find another candidate who will truly serve the residents of Erath County and who will always makes decisions with the best interest of Erath County citizens in mind. You will not find a more intelligent, dedicated public servant than Shelby Slawson.

I am honored to have worked with Shelby. Without question, if I were still an Erath County resident, she would have my vote. I am proud to endorse Shelby Slawson for County Judge and I hope each citizen will vote for Shelby Slawson as the one candidate who will best serve you all.


Patrick (Pat) Bridges,

Fort Worth