Help coming for troubled intersection

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Stephenville Empire-Tribune

A traffic light at Ollie and Washington is estimated to be in place an estimated spring of 2014 ? 2 ½ years is unacceptable.

But before you blame TxDot, go back several years when the SISD superintendent decided to do away with our elementary schools, putting PreK and K at Central and all grades one through 6 in three schools north of Washington. What a nightmare for parents to get kids to two, three or four different schools and then get to work! When these new schools were created, was safety even considered?

City Administrator Kaiser said a traffic study was conducted in 2003 before Ollie was completed. What was that worth? Was or has one been done after all schools were open and especially during school?

“Council Hands over Streets to University” (Empire-Tribune Dec. 3, 2009)

The city meeting on Dec. 1, 2009 was a "railroading” under then Mayor Nancy Hunter. This was not a publicized meeting. Francis Nix and Mike Stephens were the only ones for Stephenville. The rest of the chamber was overflowing with Tarleton supporters.

This should never have been allowed - closing off Lillian - until a traffic light was up at Ollie.

After the speakers, Hunter said it was “no secret” she was in support of the proposition. She then proceeded to push it through.

Alan Nash read a statute that university members on council should abstain from voting. Nash abstained because it was right.

Other council members were employed or retired from the university, and voting for Tarleton were Dr. Malcolm Cross, Dr. Zelman, Joe Cude, Martha Taylor and Hunter, whose husband is employed by Tarleton.

There were several attempts by Alan Nix to get more information, which all went unanswered. He made a motion to table the discussion for further examination and Russ McDanel seconded it. But Hunter refused to recognize the motion.

In another attempt, McDanel made a second motion to table the issue and have a public hearing in January to invite citizens' input. Hunter again refused to recognize the motion and promptly called on a motion to vote. . The vote carried five to three with Alan Nix, Russ McDanel and Scott Evans against and Alan Nash abstained.

So now, let's try to right many wrongs! Stephenville ISD superintendent, Stephenville city administration, the (new) police chief and TxDot should get together and negotiate for the safety of our parents and kids to get a light ASAP at Ollie. If the Tarleton president wants to do the right thing, he should jump in there with the others and all five together should resolve it and get the light.

Parents mark your calendars - contact at least one of the five every month to check on their progress!

Thank you,

Rose M. Wooley