Why Obama was really elected

Staff Writer
Stephenville Empire-Tribune

This is a comment on the piece in last Sunday’s paper by Joyce Whitis, in which she said a movie convinced her that the reason Obama was elected president of the United States was "...because he is black."

A few reasons other than skin color which might explain why Obama was elected could be:

- as a student, he was elected president of the Harvard Law Review, the winner of which is considered the most outstanding law student in Harvard Law School, and

- as the outstanding Harvard Law student, he had his choice of lucrative jobs, but chose to work with poor people, and handle civil rights case, and work as a community organizer, which may have indicated to American people that he was interested in helping people instead of just making money, and

- as a state senator in Illinois, he made a speech before we invaded Iraq, saying we should not invade Iraq because Iraq had nothing to do with the attack on the US on 9-11 (which was later determined to be true) in which he referred to the impending invasion as a "dumb war" (saying he was not against all wars, just "dumb ones"), and

- he was a United States senator from Illinois when he was nominated by the Democratic Party and ran for the presidency, and

- he beat McCain badly in every debate, according to all reasonable people, and

- he won more votes than his white opponent, and more than 50% of the voters were white, and

- he won the vote of the electoral college.

So, voters, when they voted for Obama to be president may have looked at some factors other than skin color, such as his character, accomplishments, brain power and desire to help ordinary people.

Boyd Waggoner