Blessed to live in a caring community

Staff Writer
Stephenville Empire-Tribune

On Friday, Sept. 7, our family was reminded once again how fortunate we are to live in Stephenville. The Heart of Gold game is a wonderful tradition, and we were honored to be able to participate in it. The entire day was amazing for the whole family, but especially for Maddie. While most people don’t know her story, on that day she was celebrated and it was a day that none of us will forget. We cannot find adequate words to express our gratitude to the football coaching staff for what they did for her that day.

The financial gift was an unexpected blessing, and it has been set aside for future needs for Maddie. But even more significant to us was the outpouring of love and support from our community. We don’t know what she will be facing down the road, but we gain strength and hope from the knowledge that we will face it with a community of truly wonderful, giving people willing to stand with us.

The McLemore family

Doug, Emily, Maddie, Lexi, and Kylie