Recognizing the importance of museums

Staff Writer
Stephenville Empire-Tribune

My daughter Sandra is a widow of four years and I am a widower. We enjoy each other's company and try to share interesting experiences. We've found a great one; visiting museums.

Almost every town has a museum so the potential field is nearly endless, and you don't have to travel very far. All of the smaller ones are manned by volunteers and subsist on donations. The larger ones, such as the Texas Civil War Museum in Fort Worth, have a nominal entrance fee.

These museums are doing a wonderful service preserving memorabilia that otherwise might be destroyed. And the contents are both educational and interesting. For example, the one in Eastland is housed in an old bank building. The top floor has many rooms, each devoted to a community within the county. One is for Carbon, and the residents keep their own room organized and collect treasures that would be otherwise lost.

I recommend "museum happenings" to everyone. Some are located off major highways and will give you a chance to see new places. There will be opportunities to learn historic tidbits, and find new places to eat.

No, we haven't visited Stephenville Historical Museum or the new Ben Hogan Museum, but we will. Please remember to thank those wonderful volunteers who do the irreplaceable work, and remember to leave a generous donation.

John Dillingham