We are more than just a club, we're family

Tim Turnbeaugh
Tim Turnbeaugh

"Lookin' for a reason, roamin' through the night to find my place in this world."

Profound lyrics from a hit song by Christian music artist Michael W. Smith. I think we can all relate to those words because everybody wants to belong to something, whether it be the 4-H Club, Little League Baseball team or Girl Scouts, we want to be around people who share the same way of thinking we do.

The question is, what's the purpose of wanting to belong to a certain organization? Well, it could be for a positive reason, or even a negative reason. In "The Little Rascals" they had the "He-Man Woman Haters Club.”

I don't think I need to elaborate what they stood for or against but even though it was a negative club, they were all itching for something good out of it because in the 1994 movie version, one of the Little Rascals says "Why do we have to be a club because we hate something, why can't we be a club because we like something?" That's such a good question because the love of something is the foundation that gives an organization or group staying power.

In the 1980s, you had groups of teenagers who would meet to play the game "Dungeons and Dragons" because it was something they were all interested in that gave them a kindred spirit and then of course, Hollywood birthed the organization of "The Monster Squad", a group of young adolescents who shared the same fascination for Count Dracula, The Wolfman, and other movie monsters.

You may or may not know it, but there's a group in our area that has been together for over 80 years because they love something. I'm speaking of the Stephenville Music Club. This organization started in 1934 and has been going strong every since.

You're probably asking "Ok, what do I have to do to be part of this group?" To paraphrase a Garth Brooks song, "There's no forms or no applications, there's no red-tape administration", you just have to love music, show up to the Methodist Church fellowship hall on the second Thursday of the month at noon, pay your dues, and BINGO! You're a part of something special.

I was first introduced to the club in 2014, when I went and heard a friend entertain at the Valentine Variety Show at the Stephenville History Museum. As I was leaving, a person I knew approached me and said "See you on Thursday at lunchtime, you're gonna be my guest at the Music Club meeting" so I went and I was already feeling the warmth and comradery of the group but before I could express my interest in joining, this same person said "your dues are paid, you're now a member" and immediately, I knew I had become part of something that is so good, words can't describe.

There are some clubs that only meet when important matters of business need to be discussed and that's the only time they see each other but in the Music Club, not only do we meet 9 months out of the year but we see each other and sometimes meet even during the summer and/or outside of monthly meetings so we can share our love of music with the rest of the world. I would say this group is like Lay's potato chips because you won't want to come to just one meeting.

I fell in love with everyone the first time I attended and now I can't stay away. We'd like to have you join us sometime because we're more than just a club, we're a family.

Tim Turnbeaugh is a musician who was born and reared in Eastland County but currently resides in Stephenville. Tim can be contacted at