Williams: President Biden's budget fails to show a way forward


President Biden stated, "show me your budget, and I'll tell you what you value." Based on the president’s $5.8 trillion budget request to Congress for FY23, he’s made clear his values mean adding trillions of dollars in new taxes to fund partisan priorities and implementing policies that will crush Main Street America. His plan fails to help hardworking Americans deal with skyrocketing inflation, increased gas prices, or criminals illegally crossing the southern border.  


Since President Biden took office, there have been over 2.9 million encounters with illegal immigrants. As part of this administration’s open-border agenda, his budget proposal mentions “border security” zero times and cuts hundreds of millions in funding for DHS and ICE. Border security is a top concern for Texans and this president has avoided taking any steps to fix the disaster that he created in Texas and along the entirety of the southern border.  

Democrats' policies have had catastrophic effects on American families and can only be reversed with a recommitment to putting the people first, not climate alarmists and progressive activists. As Americans face a national average of $4.23 per gallon at the pump, his plan does not include any solutions to regain the energy independence achieved under President Trump and Republican majorities. Instead, Biden’s plan mentions “climate” 187 times and proposes to spend billions in Green New Deal programs, such as $3 billion for “clean energy jobs,” $1.4 billion for a nationwide network of EV chargers, and $4.5 billion on environmental justice initiatives. As American consumers deal with increased energy costs from heating their home to operating their vehicle, the Biden Administration continues to advance radical climate policies and add fuel to the energy crisis everyday Americans are facing. 

The U.S. inflation rate was 7.9% in February year-over-year, 276% higher than President Biden’s prediction in his FY22 budget request. This week Bloomberg reported U.S. households will face a $5,200 inflation tax this year. A new letter from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco pointed to Democrats’ excessive COVID-19 spending as the cause for this inflation crisis. The letter paints a clearer picture as to why and how the inflationary impacts in the U.S. have far outpaced other developed nations. Under this Democratic majority’s economic agenda, America has seen prices rise at every corner and the President’s $73 trillion, 10-year budget will continue to drive inflation at near historic levels. 

Every American family must responsibly manage their budget and the federal government should be held to the same standard. Hardworking Americans are living with the consequences of the Biden/Pelosi liberal agenda and doing their best to weather the storm inflicted by a unified Democratic government. Sadly, the taxpayers’ pleas have fallen on deaf ears, as Biden and his progressive allies take every possible step to drive forth their costly agenda.  

Congressman Roger Williams was first elected in 2012 and represents the 25th Congressional District of Texas.