Williams: The state of President Biden's war on US energy


President Biden’s radical efforts to reduce fossil fuel production in order to appease climate change activists continues to have harmful impacts on American consumers and our global national security interests. From his first day in office, President Biden was determined to cripple domestic energy production at home. The U.S. has the potential to be a lead exporter of oil and natural gas, but in order to do so, President Biden must end his war on American energy.


While Biden was killing the Keystone Pipeline and signing executive orders to prevent drilling on federal land, Putin was working on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Under the Biden Administration, America has become increasingly reliant on foreign oil, and now President Biden is going to places like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia to see if they will fill the void that and help address skyrocketing gas prices.

The announcement last week to ban Russian oil imports is a step in the right direction in standing up to Putin’s aggression, but this action is just one step after a year of President Biden waging war on American energy. In Biden’s announcement he claimed, “Putin's war is hurting American families at the gas pump.” However, the rise in gas prices have been reaching record highs long before Ukraine. Rather than provide solutions to the increased prices at the pump, Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm laughed when asked what the plan is to increase oil production in America. To many Texans who drive hundreds of miles a week to get to work and are left to pay record prices at the pump, this out-of-touch response is repulsive. Instead of proactively encouraging American oil production, Congressional Democrats and the Biden Administration from day one has been pushing to advance their Green New Deal agenda and weaken our energy dominance.

The crisis in Ukraine has been a dramatic wake up call to our dependence on foreign adversaries for energy resources. President Biden could have prevented this energy crisis by easing burdensome environmental regulations on private companies, allowing for mineral extraction on public lands, and streamlining the permitting process for oil and natural gas pipelines domestically. He has failed to lead in time of crisis and now more than ever we must act to end Russia’s energy dominance, revamp American energy production, and unleash an energy revolution against Putin’s aggression and terror in Ukraine.

Congressman Roger Williams was first elected in 2012 and represents the 25th Congressional District of Texas.