Green: Discovering I'm 'staid,' and remembering God's love


After many years of resisting the devil, I have finally given in to temptation. Although I vowed never to take one of those silly online quizzes that claim to know your innermost thoughts after you answer a few questions, yesterday I saw one that caught my eye. It was titled, “Which Book of the Bible are You?”

Renae Green column

Well, I thought. That can’t be too harmful. I’ll just take a minute to answer the questions. Just for fun.


It asked things like, “What kinds of books do you like to read?” and “What is your ideal retirement home?” and “What kind of window coverings do you prefer?”

I answered the questions with confidence, because I knew. I knew I’d end up with one of the glamorous books. Song of Solomon. Esther. Maybe Ruth.

I answered the last question, and with a coon-ate-the-chicken grin, I pressed the send button. It only took a few seconds to get my results.

Do you know what book that confounded quiz compared me to?


The book of Numbers. Where it counts stuff. Like how many people there were.

Now, that’s just mean. And to make things worse, it gave me a personality description. It said I’m staid. Actually, it said that I give off the impression of being staid, though I probably have some shocking quirks.

I was pretty sure I knew what the word staid meant, but I looked it up just to be certain. I was hoping I was wrong.

Nope. Staid means exactly what I thought it meant. “Of settled or sedate character. Not flighty or capricious. Proper. Serious. Solemn.”

In other words, boring.

Stupid quiz. I wanted to be Esther.

I shared the results with my husband. He found a lot more humor in it than I did. He has not taken the quiz yet, but he informed me he thinks he’s Proverbs.

I agreed. He has always been a wise guy.

So there you have it, friends. I am staid. But with shocking quirks. The quiz said so.

It’s funny how a two-minute quiz can claim to know your personality, to understand your deepest thoughts and desires. That’s just silly. There’s nothing deep about the fact that I like gauzy curtains and filtered light. I just think they’re pretty.

Though an online quiz can’t know me, there is One who does. He created me, He understands my thoughts, and He knows the number of hairs on my head. He doesn’t need a quiz to figure me out. He knows all about me because He loves me, and He wants to have a close relationship with me.

I find comfort in that. Most people, if they knew all the crazy thoughts that swirl around in my head, would run the other direction. But the One who knows me best is the One who loves me most. He thinks I’m worth knowing. He thinks I’m interesting.

Even if I am staid.

“Oh, Lord, you have searched me and you know me . . .” Psalm 139:1