Green: The Top 10 list you've been waiting for


 I have in front of me the list you have been waiting for, the list for which you’ve called each other on your phones and whispered about at the water coolers. Hot off the press, I have the top ten reasons we should be thankful in 2021.

Renae Green column

(OK, so it’s not exactly hot off the press. More like lukewarm. And technically, it’s my own personal list, so I shouldn’t use the word “we,” but I hope you’ll agree with at least a couple of my ideas.) Now that that’s settled, here are 10 things I am thankful for right now:

10.  My phone. Thanks to this cool, palm-sized computer, I can gain and maintain the full attention of my young adult children. All I have to do is text them my message in the form of a meme with a picture of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and they’ll read every word.

9.  Living in the Lone Star State. Where else in the world could I get away with wearing comfortable western boots to work and have them qualify as “professional dress”?

8. Coffee. No explanation required.

7. Zoom. Who would have thought, when watching “The Jetsons” reruns as kids, we’d actually have live video chat? (The Jetsons’ creators also predicted the TV watch and several other modern-day wonders.) 

6. Garage door openers. Does anyone else remember having to get out of the car to open the garage door? Now that I think of it, I’m also thankful for a safe place to park my car, to protect it from Texas hailstorms.

5. Friends and family who are patient with my random, scatterbrained thought patterns. Like the other day, when I lost my keys. I had them in my hand. They were right there, and then I looked down, and they were gone. I searched and searched until I found the book I’d lost when I was only on chapter four. So I sat down and started reading it when the phone rang, and that reminded me I needed to call my mom. Oh, wait . . . what was my point? 

4. Laughter. In my opinion, there’s not a more beautiful sound on the face of the earth. Except when it’s coming from my son’s room, when he has a bunch of his young-adult and nearly adult friends in there. That always brings a moment of panic.

3. A roof over my head. Especially this year when the Arctic cold front got lost in Texas. And also for my amazing carpenter husband who built my house.

2. Good health. Healthy spouse. Healthy children. Healthy parents. Healthy friends. Healthy relationships.

1. God. He loves me in spite of me. Regardless of how many times I lose my keys or say the wrong things or mess up, He thinks I’m pretty special. I don’t deserve all the wonderful things He does for me, but He does them anyway, just because He loves me, and He likes to see me smile.

            I am blessed.

            “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever,” Psalm 107:1.

Renae Brumbaugh Green is a bestselling author and award-winning humor columnist. She lives in Stephenville with her handsome, country-boy husband, nearly perfect children, and far-too-many animals. Connect with Renae at www.RenaeBrumbaugh.com