Letter: Medical marvels

Stephenville Empire-Tribune

WOW, science and medical technology is unbelievable. It is so fantastic that the other day a doctor was able to guide instruments through my veins (starting at the groin) to go INSIDE my heart while it is in my body, beating on its own (and I'm awake), to find a group of dysfunctional cells which were causing my heart not to beat properly, and eliminate them. And today I feel great.

Right now lots of things are happening around us that are depressing. But just reflect a little bit on the great advancements taking place in science, engineering and medicine. Without some of these advancements and the wonderful people who make them happen: My wife, Lee, and I would never have been able to have children; Lee would have died of breast cancer; she would have a worn out defective shoulder instead of a new artificial one and she would still be in constant neck pain from arthritic growths pinching on the nerves in her neck instead of mechanical braces attached to her spine that relieved the pain.

I would not have a metal rod running through my leg to give it strength and stability that allowed me to walk during the many months it took for my broken bones to heal. And as of yesterday, I had three problems with my heart, and one of them was corrected. It is expected that they may have to go back into the heart and make more corrections to the remaining problems. But there is about a 20% chance that this repair yesterday may be all that is required.

Either way, the fantastic advances in science, engineering and medical technology blows my mind. It is amazing what people can do when they are focused on solving problems.

Ron Davidson/Stephenville