Dress for success: We are not the 'lazy generation'

Staff Writer
Stephenville Empire-Tribune

The Renaissance from c.1300 to 1600 was a time in fashion were your social status was heavily weighted on the public display of your clothing and how well you carried yourself in a refined manner. From the Renaissance ideals to this day in age, when did not caring about our self-image and idolizing celebrity trends become a norm for society? To the point that we mimic bad fashion trends on social media and generate some of our own mishaps to avoid any thought into our own outfits.

My take on self-image or how to appropriately determine trends is “You never get a second chance in a first impression.” That might seem a little shallow but first impressions do shape the way we think. First impressions are literally the first interaction you’ll have with another human being and it’s based on the judgement of your confidence portraying from the outside in.

 Think of it this way, if you dress professionally for a job interview you give the impression that you are qualified, confident and planned appropriately to land the interview or job.  I don’t understand how people have fallen from thinking less than themselves and selling themselves short with wearing pajama pants, leggings and long shirts over shorts.

Dressing for success should come in mind while being in college. Lazy days should not be a thing but sadly are a thing. Most students find it more appropriate to dress comfy to class than to dress with the intention of being an adult putting themselves through school.

College,  we all made it and fought to get here. But nothing gets under my skin more than being called the “lazy generation.” My success to higher education was not through laziness. So why do people dress in the lazy, unforgiving manner of pajama pants. Shocked? I am, I didn’t even know it was such a thing to go to class in what you slept in the night before. What’s more concerning is that it’s a trend that happening on most college campuses.

Which brings me to leggings you wear with the shortest shirt you can find. The golden rule is “leggings are not pants,” mainly due to their transparency.

Long shirts over shorts is probably the worst trend that’s happened on campus by far, the invasion of looking like you aren’t wearing anything under an extremely long shirt is uncomfortable. Takes five minutes to get dressed, maybe less to put pants on. 

Trends should be carefully scrutinized before actual trial and fail, something to think about before presenting yourself to class or public. Your self-image should be more than the amount of effort you try to put in that day, but a representation of your whole self.

Rebecca Hernandez,

student, Tarleton State University