Support Rhett Harrison for Place 5

Staff Writer
Stephenville Empire-Tribune

In the time since last year’s city council and mayoral elections, great things have taken place in Stephenville that are taking us in a very positive direction. We have a mayor and city council that we should all be proud of. But just because we did some “housecleaning” doesn’t mean we should turn our backs and assume that things are fixed for good.

We must continue to stay informed and involved with the actions of our city council. We must also continue to elect people who are experienced, of strong moral character, unbiased, and humble in their willingness to serve, free of any personal agendas.

Just because there may not seem to be as much at stake as last year’s election doesn’t mean that this year’s election is not important. So with all those things in mind I am urging you all to join me in supporting Rhett Harrison for Stephenville City Council Place 5.

Rhett attended Tarleton and McMurry, graduating with a BBA with management concentration and has been a self-employed business owner for 28 years. He has firsthand experience of the difficulties and frustrations involved in dealing with annexation, a necessary topic that is widely unpopular with many, as his own home was annexed into Stephenville 7 years ago.

Between the family values instilled in him growing up, to his experience in owning his own small business through many trials and changes, to his personal experience with annexation I believe Rhett to be the right man for the job. While I believe his core beliefs and convictions are similar to some already on the council, I know Rhett to be a person who will boldly stand up for what is right, and not just blindly follow a popular way of thinking.

Economic development, annexation, and the growth of Tarleton are very important issues our city is facing and I’m excited about having Rhett’s experience and knowledge on the council as they continue to move us forward on these issues and many more.

Todd Brown,