Stephenville FFAers bring home honors

Special to the Empire-Tribune

Stephenville High School FFAers have been busy with a variety of end-of-year contests and competitions. Following are some of the recent highlights:

Dairy Evaluation team of Makayla Osinga, Hannah Holden, Cesar Gonzalez and Kaleb Osinga took the championship at the Hamilton FFA CDE earlier this week.

Hamilton FFA CDE

Hamilton FFA hosted its annual state qualifiers CDE Invite on Wednesday. FFA chapters from all over Texas who plan on competing in the Tarleton State CDEs were in Hamilton for this event. 

• Dairy Evaluation: Champion Team of Makayla Osinga, 1st high individual; Hannah Holden, 2nd high individual; Cesar Gonzalez; and Kaleb Osinga

• Homesite: 7th high team of Logan Lewallen, John Ogle, JD Taylor and Trevor Brown

• Land Judging: Larry Rauscher, Kash Stone and Brayden Edrington

Area Champion Proficiency Award Winners

Note: All advanced to state competition.

• Sterling Richmond: Diversified Agriculture

• Kirsten Cline: Beef Production - Placement

• Peyton Vanden Berge: Forage Production

• Mari Howarth: Swine Production - Placement

• KK Osinga: Dairy Production - Entrepreneurship

• Cade Davis: Agricultural Services

• Ryan Hess: Research: Integrated Systems

State CDEs at Texas Tech University

Stephenville FFA had much success the weekend of April 23-24 at the State CDEs held at Texas Tech University. Students competed in seven CDEs, with three of those teams being in the Top 10, and two students being named Top 10 high individuals.

In addition to these state teams, there are 11 more teams that will be competing at the State level at Tarleton, Sam Houston State, and Texas A&M.

The Stephenville FFA Horse Evaluation team took second place in state at the State CDEs held at Texas Tech University. Team members are Dallee Robison, 4th high individual; Kenna Cashon; Gracie Dixon; and Ely Taylor.

• Horse Evaluation: Second place in state with the team of Dallee Robison, 4th High Individual; Kenna Cashon; Gracie Dixon; and Ely Taylor

• Agronomy: Sixth place in state with the team of Peyton Vanden Berge, 9th High Individual; Aubrey Vanden Berge; Kooper Vanden Berge; and Sterling Richmond

• Cotton: Ninth place in state with the team of Jaci Lane, Kaylee Fair, Mary Caroline Barberee and Charlie Rumsey

• Food Science: 12th place in state with the team of Victoria Battenfield, Charleigh Feuerbacher, Brad Beaty and Hudson Westbrook

• Entomology: Caitlin Thompson, Tessa Perales, Sanjivani Pokhrel and Elijah Cortez

• Wool: Reagan Bragg, Addie Ketchum, Mari Horwath and Justin Clack

• Ag Communications: Mayte Perez, Lexi Nelms, Kirsten Cline and Joseph Gray

• State Qualifiers Practice Meat Judging, sixth place with the team of Kirsten Cline, 8th High Individual; Joseph Gray; Mayte Perez; and Shayla Mader

Degree Check Results

• Kirsten Cline - Area Officer Elect

• Hudson Westbrook - Area Officer Elect

• Sterling Richmond - Pecan Valley District President

• Shayla Mader - Pecan Valley District Vice President

• Joseph Gray - Reserve District Champion Extemporaneous Speaking

• Mayte Perez - Reserve District Champion Animal Science Speaking

• Charleigh Feuerbacher - District Champion Plant Science Speaking

• Shayla Mader - District Champion Agribusiness Speaking

• Kirsten Cline - District Champion Natural Resources Speaking

• Sterling Richmond - District Champion Ag. Comm./Technology Speaking

• Hudson Westbrook - District Champion Soil Stewardship Speaking

• Brayson Burch - District Champion Jr. Prepared Speaking

• Kaleb Osinga - District Champion Star Greenhand Farmer

• Aubrey Vanden Berge - District Champion Star Greenhand in Placement

• Sterling Richmond - District Champion Star Chapter in Placement

• Charleigh Feuerbacher - District Champion Star Chapter in Agriscience

• KK Osinga - District Champion Star Lonestar Farmer

• Kirsten Cline - District Champion Star Lonestar in Agriscience

• Peyton Vanden Berge - District Champion Forage Production proficiency

• Cade Davis - District Champion Ag. Services Proficiency

• Kirsten Cline - District Champion Beef Production Placement Proficiency

• KK Osinga - District Champion Dairy Production Entrepreneurship Proficiency

• Sterling Richmond - District Champion Diversified Agriculture Proficiency

• Mari Horwath - District Champion Swine Production Placement Proficiency

• Ryan Hess - District Champion Research Proficiency - Integrated Systems