SHS FCCLA sponsors real world simulation

Christie Aparicio
Special to the Empire-Tribune

Andrea Brooks, Lonnie Jenschke, and Thomas Boyle with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service in Erath County recently presented the “Welcome to the Real World!” program at Stephenville High School. Lingleville High School students were also in attendance.

Stephenville High School students take part in the “Welcome to the Real World!” program held recently at SHS.

The "Welcome to the Real World!" program is a simulation designed to teach middle school and high school students the skills needed to financially navigate the adult world.

In the "Welcome to the Real World!" simulation, students assume they have completed basic educational requirements for their chosen career, are single, 25 years of age, and independent, with no financial support from family or others. Youth participants make lifestyle and spending choices like those faced by adults.

They pay taxes, determine a savings amount, make a student loan payment — if applicable — and spend their salary on the necessary and other items based on choices with varying dollar amounts, which are based upon the prices in their community.

In concluding the simulation, Jason Johnson gave a powerful speech to students encouraging them to spend their money wisely, how to be a millionaire, money management advice, and how important it is to seek certifications and degrees after high school.

Special thank you to the following volunteers for spending their day helping students budget their needs: Molly Kinsey, Danyelle Merrifield, Amy Troutman, McKinley Crownover, Lauren Rishel, Madison Key, Harriet Frazier, Doug Young, Blake Royal, Gary Sult, representatives from AT&T, representatives from Wellington State Bank.