Lions Club hosting Upland Bird Extravaganza

Special to the Empire-Tribune

The Stephenville Evening Lions Club presents the Upland Bird Extravaganza on Saturday, April 23 at the Rough Creek Lodge & Resort located on Highway 67, three miles west of Glen Rose.

These facilities are the perfect location for shooters to show off their wing-shooting prowess and for a good time for the whole family. In addition to shooting events, pit-masters will be serving a first class lunch. Events will begin at 6 a.m. and are scheduled to run to noon.

The Stephenville Evening Lions Club presents the Upland Bird Extravaganza on Saturday, April 23 at the Rough Creek Lodge & Resort located on Hwy 67, three miles west of Glen Rose.

For the seventh consecutive year, First Financial Bank will be the main sponsor.

This year’s UBE Shooting Event will showcase:

• Corporate 5 Stand: A highly competitive event open to business teams of three shooters with no two presentations the same. This event has seen some local domination over the past few years. Will this be the year for an upset or will the same ole’ teams do it again? Along with terrific awards, winners will get bragging rights and encouragement to strut their stuff for the next 12 months. $300 per team, each shooter must be employed by the entity.

• Open 5 Stand: Don’t let the businesses hog all the fun here, be sure to get in a round of five Stand for yourself, too. Twenty-five targets with no two presentations the same will combine your muscle memory, skills, and adrenaline for a quick and exciting challenge. Awards will be given for the top three individuals. $55 per shooter for one round of 5 Stand.

• Open Sporting Clays: Whether you call it “golf with a shotgun” or “skeet in the woods” this event is for shooters of all levels. The course is 100 clay targets featuring simulated hunting presentations with lots of variability. Simple to learn, impossible to master, here is a game for everyone who likes to make noise and break clays. Memorable awards for the top three places and one for the cumulative champion. $125 per shooter for one round of Sporting Clays.

• Knockout: We'll being playing at least two versions of Knockout and let the crowd determine the type game and amount of the buy-in for jackpots.

1) Annie Oakley (Non-pieces): First shooter calls for the bird and shoots. If he hits, no one else can shoot and he is safe. If the first shooter misses, the second shooter shoots. If he hits, that knocks the 1st shooter out. If he misses, the third shooter shoots. If he hits, he knocks the 1st two out. If all three miss, all are safe. For the next round, the second shooter shoots first at the next target, with the 3rd and 4th backing on that target...and so on.

2) Bushwacker (Pieces): Similar to above EXCEPT: First shooter must hit the clay AND then second or next shooter has the option to shoot a piece of the clay if still flying: IF Second/next shooter hits a piece of the clay the first shooter or all shooters before who missed will be out.

Additional versions of the game can be played at any time so long as everyone knows the game at buy in.

Long Range Shooting Events

• LR Shoot #1) (Associated Well Services is the event sponsor): Single Elimination 500 yard shootout (Check in 7:30 am starts at 8:00 am):$50 Entry Fee, limited to 32 shooters.

Course of Fire:

– 3 targets at 500 yards 10” (1 pt.), 6” (2pts.) and 4” (3pts.)

– Shooters will be randomly paired in tournament bracket

– Paired shooters will shoot alternating shots (5 total per round) at any 3 targets to earn points for targets hit. If tied, shooters engage until tie is broken. Winner advances to next pairing.

– Payout based on 32 max shooters: 1st = $ 500; 2nd= $ 200; and 3rd = $ 100

– Approximately 25-50 rounds needed. All shots from ground with bipod and rear bag only.

• LR Shoot #2) Coyote Popshot (10:30 a.m. to noon)

– Back by popular demand, Hit the Coyote Target 3 out of 3 times to win a $100 Raffle Ticket for a chance to win a 2021 Kubota RTV or other Grand Prizes.

– Bring your Rifle $10 for first Entry or shoot our house rifle $20.

– Three shots only per attempt. Target will be at approximately 900 yards. Limit 2 wins per person.

• LR Shoot #3) Stephenville Golf Carts presents the Long Range Deer Hunt (10:30 a.m. to Noon) $20 entry fee.

– Shoot 5 rounds at the Deer (vital zone target), ONLY hits to vital zone count. Most Hits win cash. $150 paid out to 1st and $100 paid 2nd place.

– Target will be fired from real hunting like scenario and distance will be known at the match approximately 600-700 yards, 90-second time limit.

• LR Shoot #4) Impact Precision presents Spin to Win. $10 Entry Fee unlimited Entries.

– Spinner Target shot at 300 yards- unlimited ammo, fastest time wins an Impact Precision 50% certificate ($600 value)

Registration forms can be found at

Lunch and awards will be provided following the events.

To enter, email to

For more information contact Rich Emmons at (325) 201-3826.