Eastland FD seeks donations for new truck

Special to the Empire-Tribune

The Eastland Fire Department has two brush trucks in its fleet. These trucks are specifically designed for off-road fire attack in native pasture, agricultural fields and urban interface environments.

Eastland Fire Department

Compared to a rural fire engine, a brush truck is smaller, lighter and more maneuverable. This maneuverability allows firefighters to operate in close proximity to the active fire, as well as the ability to wet down areas around homes in the path of advancing flame fronts, all while remaining mobile and providing the means of escape for the firefighters on board.

"It is vital to the safety of firefighters, that brush trucks operate in teams of at least two, when suppressing large fires," reads a Facebook post from the department.

During the Eastland Complex fires, one of the brush trucks experienced multiple mechanical breakdowns, which required it to leave the fire line repeatedly and rendered it useless for fire suppression or home protection.

"More importantly, these breakdowns compromised firefighter safety and put firefighters in jeopardy," the post reads. "This truck has been removed from service and we find ourselves in desperate need to replace it with a safe and reliable unit. We have been very blessed with public donations year after year and we greatly appreciate EVERY donation of ANY size. It is during times like we are currently experiencing, that the benefits of your generous donations are brought to bear. We are asking the public to help us with this urgent need by making a donation of any size. We are your Fire Department and we can’t do what we do, without you. If we all do a little, the collective benefit cannot be measured."

The estimated cost to replace this truck is at least $150,000. Donations can be dropped off and mailed to 414 S. Seaman St., Eastland, TX 76448.

The Fire Department is also taking donations through venmo at @EastlandVolunteer-FireDepart-1