Erath County Emergency Management: How to assist with Big L Wildfire recovery

Submitted to the Empire-Tribune

Erath and Hood County Emergency Management in an effort to coordinate the generous donations and to allow the persons and families affected by the Big L wildfire in both Erath and Hood counties to have designated locations and contacts to access items needed for assistance the following has been established.

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To allow for only the persons affected by the Big L Wildfire in both Erath and Hood counties and avoid duplication of supplies, we ask that all assistance request or donations be directed to the agencies/businesses listed or the Erath County Emergency Management Coordinator at (254) 965-1326. The Emergency Management Coordinators in both Erath and Hood are working together to assist those in need.

Hay and feed needs

If you would like to donate hay or feed, please contact Erath County AgriLife Extension Office, Lonnie Jenschke, at (254) 965-1460. You can also call or go by Triple J Ranch Feeds to purchase feed and have it designated for the Big L Wildfire Recovery Relief, (254) 835-5205, 6611 W. US Hwy 377, Tolar

Fencing repair items

If you would like to donate fencing repair items such as T-posts, barbed wire, connections and such, please contact Big L Fire Relief, Whitney Kolb at (254) 768-9200

Fuel donations (red diesel)

If you would like to donate Red Farm Diesel Fuel for the equipment needed to clear debris and brush, move hay for animals and such, contact Cyndi Smith, Erath County Emergency Management, at (254) 965-1326

Monetary donations

Cash or checks can be accepted by the Erath County United Way by calling (254) 965-4429 and designating them to the home rebuild fund. Gift cards can be accepted at the Erath County Sheriff’s Office, 1043 Glen Rose Hwy., Stephenville, or mailed to the Erath County Emergency Management office 100 W. Washington St., Stephenville, TX 76401

All of the above funds will go to the persons affected by the Big L Wildfire.

If you would like to assist your local fire volunteer fire department, you can contact them directly or you can send a check to the Erath County Firefighters Association, 830A East Road, Stephenville, TX 76401 or call our office for assistance reaching the VFD you want to assist.

At this time Erath County Volunteer Fire Departments are most in need monetary donations to pay for fuel and repairs. Previous generosity of the community with other supplies has them well stocked at this time.

There are four families that are completely homeless and we are looking for the possibility of RVs for an extended use.

After debris removal, we will be looking for building supplies. The items in most need by the families are the following:

• Hay – round bales and square bales

• Feed

• Cow or hog panels

• T posts

• Barb wire

• Stay wire

• Fence splices

• 5-gallon buckets

• Chains & snaps

• Fencing pliers

• Gloves

• Wire cutters

• Cedar staves

• Gates 16 feet

• 2 3/8 pipe

• Well pump supplies

• Bow rakes

• Shovels