Shelter dog spotlight

Stephenville Empire-Tribune
Meet Tonka! Tonka has been rapidly declining since being at the shelter and is in desperate need of a new home. Tonka needs training and a strong owner, but would be such a good dog if people could just see him outside of the shelter environment. He is a sweet boy that loves a good squeaky toy and peanut butter dog treats. Tonka does not get to leave the shelter to go on walks very much because he is very strong and needs leash work. Since he does not get to go on many walks, he has begun tearing his kennels apart out of stress and has to stay inside. Staying inside, not getting to play or have a home to his own only adds to his stress and depression. Tonka lacks manners and will snap food out of your hands, so a home without children is preferred. He is very bright so we have no doubts that he would do well with an owner that could put forth the effort to train him. He has been overlooked by many because he cannot live with other animals. We believe that getting him neutered may help him with his aversion to other dogs. He is microchipped, heartworm negative, and up to date on all shots except rabies. If you are looking for a large, lovable dog that will play tug-o-war with you and enjoy basking in the sunshine on the front porch, then Tonka is your man! Please visit Tonka during business hours if you are interested.