Stephenville City Council adopts tax rate

E-T Staff Report

A tax rate of $0.4420 per $100 valuation was adopted by the Stephenville City Council at a special meeting held Tuesday in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 298 W. Washington St.

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The council voted unanimously in favor of the rate, with councilmembers LeAnn Durfey and Brady Pendleton absent from the meeting.

A public hearing was held as part of the special meeting with no one present to speak in favor of or against the proposed rate.

The city adopted a tax rate that will raise more taxes for maintenance and operations than last year's tax rate, according to information on the city's website.

"The tax rate will effectively be raised by 1.48 percent and will raise taxes for maintenance and operations on a $100,000 home by approximately $-12.30," the site states.

In presenting the proposed rate to the council at the special meeting, city finance director Monica Harris noted that there are different percentages and amounts listed in the budget.

"In some places, we recognize the total tax rate and in some places, we're just looking at the M&O piece of it," she said.

Harris also noted that approximately $151,000 of the city's budget is coming from taxes related to new construction.

Since the adopted tax rate is not greater than the voter-approval tax rate, the city is not required to hold an election for voters to accept or reject the adopted tax rate, according to the city's website.

"The 86th Texas Legislature modified the manner in which the voter-approval tax rate is calculated to limit the rate of growth of property taxes in the state," the site reads.

The following compares the taxes imposed on the average residence homestead by the city last year to the taxes proposed to be imposed on the average residence homestead by the city this year:

• Total tax rate (per $100 of value): $0.4550, in 2020; $0.4420, in 2021; decrease of $-0.0130, or -2.86%

• Average homestead taxable value: $138,373, in 2020; $150,339, in 2021; increase of $11,966, or 8.65%

• Tax on average homestead: $629.60, in 2020; $664.50, in 2021; increase of $34.90, or 5.54%

• Total tax levy on all properties: $6,624,843, in 2020; $6,776,621, in 2021; increase of $151,778, or 2.29%

For help with tax calculations, residents may contact the tax assessor for the city at (254) 918-1220 or, or visit for more information.