Erath County reports 116 total new cases of COVID-19 over past week

E-T staff report

As the delta variant of the COVID-19 virus continues to spread across the U.S., Erath County is reporting a total of 116 new cases between Aug. 13 and 19, according to data from the Texas Department of State Health Services.


The new cases bring the county's total COVID-19 cases to 3,761 since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, according to a report from the Erath County Emergency Management office.

There are currently 265 active cases in the county with 3,425 cases listed as recovered and 71 deaths attributed to complications from the virus, according to the report. The last reported death due to COVID-19 in Erath County was on July 28.

Of the total active cases, 22 are among those ages 0-12; 30 are in the 13-19 age category; and 51 are in the age group of 20-29 year olds.

In addition, 45 are individuals ages 30-39; 82 are in the 40- to 64-year-old age group; and 35 new cases are among those 65 and older, according to the report.

There are 127 active cases in Stephenville; 50 in Dublin; and 88 are individuals living in the county, the report shows.

Currently, there are 18 Erath County COVID-19 patients hospitalized, according to the report.

According to the Texas DSHS, 36.8% of Erath County residents ages 12 and older have received at least one shot of vaccine and 30.99% are fully vaccinated. In the 65 and older population, 71.5% have received one dose and 65.39% are fully vaccinated.

In addition to local pharmacies, the Stephenville Medical & Surgical Clinic administers the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine every day, Monday through Friday.

Those interested are asked to call ahead at (254) 968-6051 and speak to any receptionist to schedule an appointment.

The Moderna vaccine is a two-dose series available for adults 18 and older. The second dose will need to be given 28 days after first dose.

COVID-19 vaccination appointments are also available on the Comanche County Medical Center campus on Wednesdays. 

Doctors Medical Center clinic providers will administer the two-dose Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine every Wednesday in the clinic at 10201 TX-16, Comanche, adjacent to the CCMC Hospital and Pharmacy. The vaccine is free and safe, and proven to reduce the risk of serious illness from COVID-19.

Schedule online at: or call (254) 879-4900 ext. 4458.

Across the state

The highly transmissible delta variant is spreading rampantly in Texas. Gov. Greg Abbott, who is resisting statewide restrictions and barring local leaders from implementing mask mandates, tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday, according to reports from the Texas Tribune.

Hospitals: The number of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 is increasing more quickly, and more Texas hospitals are reporting ICU bed shortages than at any other point of the pandemic, the Tribune reports. Hospitals are struggling with historically low staffing levels, and children’s hospitals are also under siege from RSV. Officials say upward of 95% of COVID-19 patients are unvaccinated. Cases are also skyrocketing at nursing homes.

Ban on mask mandates: Abbott’s ban is especially controversial in public schools because children under age 12 are not eligible for vaccination, and parents are on a frantic search for options to keep kids safe. Local leaders and school officials across the state are pushing back, and the resulting back-and-forth legal rulings have led to confusion, the Tribune reports.

Impact on schools: Attorney General Ken Paxton asked the Texas Supreme Court to block school districts from issuing mask mandates. Rural school districts have shut down to keep COVID-19 from overwhelming their communities, the Tribune reports. The Texas Education Agency also now requires schools to notify parents of COVID-19 cases, a reversal from its previous position. Meanwhile, many Texas universities are moving forward with full reopening plans.

As of Aug. 18, 15.9 million people have received at least one dose, which is 54.9% of Texas’ population, and 13.2 million people, or 45.6%, are fully vaccinated, according to the Tribune. As of Aug. 19, the state has reported around 2.9 million confirmed cases in 254 counties and at least 12,705 hospitalized patients in Texas with confirmed coronavirus infections. 

The first death linked to the coronavirus in Texas occurred March 15, 2020, in Matagorda County. As of Aug. 19, 53,564 people who tested positive for the virus have died in Texas.