The Achievers make impact on community, new members welcome

Submitted by Lee Davidson

The Achievers: I bet most of you know nothing about us, well here is your chance. We are an equal opportunity community service club.

The Achievers Club of Erath County and Stephenville area is helping our County Extension Agent, Andrea Brooks, collect supplies for her summer sewing program. She is in need of denim (your old worn out jeans would be great). They will be cut up to make braided dog toys.

They are needed by June 12. You can easily drop them off at the Stephenville Senior Center (164 E. College St.) Sandi will hold these for us, just mark your bag "For Lee Davidson".

This is a three-day program (June 16-18) and Andrea could use volunteers to help out. There are six sessions and you can help with all six or whatever fits your schedule. And remember you only have to be smarter than a sixth-grader, Andrea will show you everything you need to know.

For more information, contact Andrea at or (254) 965-1460. Also if you would like to donate a few dollars toward additional new sewing machines she can help you with that.

The Achievers again voted as one of our projects for the coming year, to continue our long-time support of the school nurses. Every year, they are in need of clothing for boys and girls in kindergarten through second grade. With these clothes, the nurses can easily fix any accidents the kids might happen to have and get them back to class. The clothes are usually not returned so it is an ongoing need. If you have out grown clothes at home that we can use, please donate them to the Achievers for the nurses program.

The Achievers are always looking for new members to help with home and community services. At each meeting we try to enlighten you with interesting things to benefit your family and others in the community, along with helping community organizations in need.

We have many events, some of which are fundraisers, a craft contest, fun and enlightening conferences (local through state). Please think about joining and encourage your friends, too. We are a fun group. We meet once a month on the third Tuesday at 11 a.m., September through May. We have a list of organizations that can use our help so please join. The more members we have the more we can achieve (pun intended). We are hoping to meet during the summer for casual lunches, be included.

Contact Lee Davidson phone or text (254) 592-0689.