Program gives residents opportunity to help keep Stephenville clean

E-T staff report
Adopt a Spot

Want to help keep Stephenville looking in tip-top shape? Pick a spot.

The Stephenville Adopt-A-Spot program encourages citizen participation in beautification projects and litter cleanups of designated public areas at regular intervals. A spot could be a park, trail, road, river, planter box, median, right-of-way, or city entryway monument sign, according to information from the Stephenville Parks and Rec Department.

Individuals, organizations, or businesses (both large and small) may agree to keep a designated spot cleared of litter for a period of one year and/or provide beautification for an indefinite period as long as program requirements are met. Special projects can be considered as part of the Adopt-A-Spot program that add permanent site features/amenities to parks and/or large scale beautifications, the site reads. 

"You and your team of volunteers can help pick up trash and beautify the area at scheduled times during the year," reads the department's website.

Once an application is submitted, it is sent to the Parks Department to make the final decision for a requested location. The city will create and install a sign bearing the name(s) of program participant(s) or organization(s) in their adopted area after the first completed activity and report submission.

In addition, program participants will be listed on the city’s website noting what spot has been adopted. Groups can clean their spot whenever they want to, but SPARD will host annual cleanings, provide cleanup supplies and snacks.

Responsibilities can include quarterly litter pickup, painting structures and amenities, weeding gardens or particular things the property requires. The contact person for each adopting entity is required to submit a report of maintenance to the area each time.

At the end of the one-year period, program participants will receive a special certificate of appreciation/recognition from the city that is signed by the mayor and may automatically renew to adopt their spot for another one year period if all program requirements have been met.

"This program is intended to provide residents and/or groups with a means to help keep Stephenville a wonderful place to live, work, and play for all," the website states.

For more information or to sign up, contact the Parks & Recreation Department at (254) 918-1205. Volunteers may also stop by the Parks & Recreation office at 378 W. Long St. to pick up a copy of the forms needed to get started. More information is also available online at