City seeks artistic inspiration from public for downtown

E-T staff report

The city of Stephenville is looking for local artists to submit their ideas for inspiration for intersections for the Downtown Revitalization Plan. The submissions are open to local citizens of Stephenville, and officials are looking for graphic examples of what makes the city unique.

“I’ve seen the artistic talent in this community, and we are confident there will be components from these submissions that will be seen for generations to come in these intersections,” said City Manager Allen Barnes.

Images submitted by the public will be reviewed for possible selection and incorporation into intersections as part of the Downtown Revitalization Plan.

"Downtown Stephenville is the heart and soul of our community where business, government, faith and recreation all collide in one central location," reads a news release from the city. 

The Downtown Revitalization Plan is a multi-year plan that includes beautification, maintenance and an infrastructure re-work to keep Stephenville a vibrant and thriving community. 

During a recent presentation, Scott Polikov with Gateway Planning, a planning and economic development firm, and Mitch Wright, a site planner and landscape architect, in conjunction with the city's MainStreet program, city council and other civic leaders, offered a glimpse of a recommended downtown revitalization plan.

The city council plans to use recommendations to form a bond proposal to take to the voters for approval at a later date.

Firm offers look at downtown revitalization proposal

"Our responsibility is to create a design infrastructure and a business plan so that your downtown takes advantage of what's just bubbling under the surface," Polikov said at the presentation.

Among the firm's initial recommendations are:

• Public spaces connecting downtown

• More green space

• Managed parking

• Harmonious walkability and mobility

As part of the presentation, Polikov stressed the importance of the city emphasizing its historic uniqueness.

"Our love is historic downtowns," Polikov said. "If done right, embracing history, building on it, and creating an opportunity to bring the modern economy into that environment can be some of the best economic development or quality of life."

Submissions for the Downtown Revitalization Project are due by Friday, April 9, at 5 p.m., and can be accepted at City Hall or emailed to