Ables to appear on Good Morning America

Ashley Inge
Paxton Ables received the core value of initiative during Stephenville ISD's Board of Trustees meeting Monday afternoon.

Paxton Ables, the 9-year-old Stephenville voice actor who donated $1,000 to Backpack Buddies of Erath County, will appear on ABC’s “Good Morning America’s” afternoon edition called, “GMA3: What You Need To Know” at 3:30 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 28.

After the E-T did a story on Paxton’s generous donation to Backpack Buddies, NBC5 did its own version of the story – mistakenly naming Paxton Ables as Paxton Robles – where the story soon started taking traction on the Associated Press.

“Someone in New York sees [the article] and thinks it’s a cool story,” Michael Ables, Paxton’s dad said. “[Both the E-T] and NBC5 both mentioned Hook Elementary so they called Hook and talked to Heidi. They were like, ‘We’re looking for Paxton Robles, the voice person.’ She said, ‘Okay, I know exactly who you’re talking about. I can’t give [his name] to you because it’s a school and it’s illegal, but I can call his dad.’ It was a winding path, but it worked.”

Paxton and Michael will be interviewed via Zoom the morning of the 28th by Amy Robach and the segment will be broadcast that afternoon.

“We’re going to do a pre-interview this week to talk about it and it’s focused on the donation, but they were [also] interested in what he does because any 9-year-old that’s making money and able to donate is definitely newsworthy. We'll know more later in the week,” Michael said.


The Stephenville ISD Board of Trustees also recognized Paxton on Monday evening when he received the core value of initiative.


Michael said he’s looking forward to seeing his son on television. As for Paxton – he’s just excited to start attending classes in person again.

“He’s been [attending school] from home for the first six weeks,” Michael explained.

Paxton’s first day back at school will be the same day he gives his interview for “Good Morning America.”

“He’ll go to school, I'll pick him up, we’ll go home and do the interview, I'll take him back to school and then I'll pick him up early to get him home to watch the interview,” Michael said. “The Texan kiddo is going national!”