Local native stays busy as NFL cheerleader, business owner, model

Mark Wilson mwilson@empiretribune.com
Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Kayla Bramlett (right), a Stephenville native, visits a veterans hospital in Miami with others from the NFL organization.

Stephenville native Kayla Bramlett has a background as a dancer, and that’s coming in handy because her feet never seem to rest.

A 2013 Stephenville High School graduate, Bramlett was a rookie member of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders in 2018. She will soon be trying out for a spot on the 2019 season’s crew.

The 23-year-old UT-Dallas graduate with bachelor’s degrees in speech pathology and child learning development also has her own business in Miami. It’s called Nectar List Media, a digital media enterprise that specializes in videography, photography, graphic design and marketing.

While attending college in Dallas, Bramlett gained experience as a professional dancer with the Dallas Sidekicks and Dallas Stars soccer teams.

Tryouts for the Dolphins Cheerleaders will begin in mid-April. She enjoyed her rookie year, but learned that it was more physically challenging than any other dancing or cheerleading she had done before.

“It’s a lot more physically demanding in the sense that it was not what I was trained to do,” Bramlett said. “There is a lot of dance technique involved, and we do a kick line and a jump split.”

Last year’s Dolphins football schedule took her to stadiums as far away as Minnesota, Green Bay and Buffalo. Her video work has already taken her to exotic locales in the Caribbean.

“I had a really great rookie season,” Bramlett said. “I felt very welcome in Miami. I fell in love with the team and the organization. Being part of that was really humbling.

“All the cheerleaders are really talented. It’s a cool thing to be around that many types of people. We all have very different lives and occupations, so it’s cool to come together and have this binding commonality.”

Bramlett had an extra-special life experience when she traveled with the Dolphins Cheerleaders on a military tour to entertain U.S. troops stationed in Kuwait and Egypt.

“I was gone 11 or 12 days. We performed for the troops nightly,” Bramlett said. “That was a really cool experience.”


In gearing up for the tryouts in April, Bramlett stays in shape year-round. She expects it to be even tougher to make the cheerleading team than a year ago because the judges expect more from someone with a year’s experience.

“We all know that our spots can be taken at any time. It keeps us on our toes,” Bramlett said. “It will probably be a lot harder this time. They expect you to look exactly like a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader — no wiggle room.”

It may not be an easy gig, but she said she’s enjoying the cheerleader pursuit even more than she did a year ago.

“I love it,” she said. “It’s one of those things that’s very time-consuming and takes a lot of work — so you have to love it. I ended up loving it even more than I expected to.”


Bramlett said she started Nectar List Media during her senior year in college, and moved to Miami in May 2018.

One might guess that “Nectar” was meant as a reference to the Stephenville High School girls sports mascot, the Honeybees.

“Actually, it doesn’t,” said Bramlett, whose business partner is another SHS graduate, Stetson Sullivan. “Nectar List is like the opposite of a bucket list — all of the things you have accomplished in your life.”

In her “spare” time, she has been doing some modeling in Miami, having recently signed with a modeling agency. She has even attended casting sessions for music videos and beauty campaigns.


Bramlett is the oldest of four children.

Her sister, Kalli-Kate Bramlett, is a senior at SHS currently competing in track and field and hopes to attend TCU. Like her older sister, Kallie-Kate was a four-year member and co-captain of the SHS cheerleading squad. She excels in both the pole vault and as a relay team member.

They have two brothers — 15-year-old SHS freshman Cashon Bramlett and 21-year-old Tarleton State University student Cole Bramlett. Cashon is on the SHS junior varsity track team.

Bramlett’s parents are Marty and Todd Bramlett. Todd and his father, Donnie Bramlett run John Deere implement store in Stephenville. Todd and Marty own and operate Green Acres Rental.