Planet Fitness offers 'judgment-free' exercise atmosphere

Mark Wilson
Planet Fitness representatives are ready to help new members get started.

There’s a new planet in Stephenville’s galaxy — Planet Fitness.

It opened for business on Friday, Dec. 28, at 2900 W. Washington Street in the Bosque River Center, as one of more than 1,600 Planet Fitness club locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Krisha Patton was named as the local club’s manager, after working two years at the Planet Fitness gym in Weatherford where she was the assistant manager. 

Those who join as PF members work at the pace they feel comfortable with, Patton said.

“We provide an atmosphere where you can go at your own pace,” Patton said. “We have a lot of different age groups that come in, and they are welcome to use our machines. They start out on their level. We’re just here to provide their motivation to achieve their goals.

“With Planet Fitness, we are the home of the judgment-free zone, which means we provide a comfortable, non-intimidating atmosphere. We want to make everyone feel accepted and respected, knowing they can walk through the door and break a sweat for only $10 a month.”

That $10 per month deal is currently available with no additional time commitment required, but that is subject to change, Patton said. That includes access to the equipment and unlimited training with the fitness instructor.

Another option is the PF Black card membership for $21.99 per month, requiring a 12-month commitment. It allows the member to bring a guest to work out at no additional cost, and gives the right to use the facilities at any of the other Planet Fitness gyms in the United States and Canada.


Patton manages 12 employees (member service representatives), including fitness instructor Mia Henry, who graduated from Tarleton State University last May.

Patton said the number of employees could possibly expand to as many as 30 in the future.

“We are thrilled to bring more jobs to the community,” said Patton, who first became interested in working at Planet Fitness when she checked out the one in Weatherford as a guest of a member there.

“I realized I could change people’s lives,” Patton said. “So as soon as I had the opportunity to become a bigger part of it, I took it. We expanded our judgement-free zone to another community. I’m really excited to see how it impacts people’s lives.

“Our members and team members, every day when they would come in, I could tell they loved being part of Planet Fitness. It’s a rewarding experience when we as Planet Fitness can be a part of that.”


The building is 15,000 square feet and features brand-name cardio machines and strength equipment that is “very user friendly.” 

There’s an area set aside for abs and stretching, and a PF 30-minute circuit express room — “If you’re short on time and wanted to get a quick workout in. A lot of people like to start there.”

There are 20 flat-screen TVs in the center of the exercise area that can be viewed while working out. And, of course, there are fully equipped day lockers, plus private showers and dressing areas. 

Amenities also include a tanning and total body enhancement booth (infra-red full body and toning system, to reduce stress).

Cooler drinks, such as Gatorade, water and muscle milk, are available for purchase. PF Black Card members are entitled to the drinks at half price.  


Memberships are open to anyone at least 18 years old. Those as young as 13 can sign up, but must have a parent or guardian there to do so.

Orientation classes for new members will be organized in groups of about five members at a time.

Planet Fitness is open from 5 a.m.-11 p.m. Monday through Thursday, plus 5 a.m-9 p.m. Friday, and 7 a.m.-7 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

For more information call Planet Fitness at 254-459-4565.