Q&A with Sherrie Evans

Staff Writer
Stephenville Empire-Tribune
Sherrie Evans: Incumbent, place 2

1.Do you favor the SISD bond proposal?

I am in favor of the bond proposal.  While many of us don't like to see an increase in our taxes, there comes a time when it is essential for our students, teachers, and our community.  

I encourage everyone to take a look at what is being proposed and walk the halls of SHS and understand this bond isn't about bandaid construction.  This proposal touches every student by including safety and security, new gymnasium, softball complex, band field, new state of the art auditorium, renovations in the CTE building, and a new agriculture building.  

There are children in our community that the only semblance of normalcy they have in their lives are the hours they spend within the walls of our schools.  

Their shepherds through this time are our teachers. No matter their students' lives outside school, our teachers are tasked with molding each and everyone into responsible and productive adults.  Education cannot be bought at a discount.  

We owe it to our teachers and students to give them the financial support they need by ensuring the facilities with SISD are second to none.

2. What changes, if any, would you like to see implemented in regards to school safety?

Having students and faculty feel safe in their schools is the foundation of providing an environment of learning for everyone.  I do not believe there is a one size fits all solution to school safety and it is incumbent upon the school board, working closing with our teachers and administration , to at least consider any option that helps to ensure safety for all those on our campuses .

3. What in your background makes you qualified to serve as a trustee?

My husband and I are lifelong residents of Stephenville and our boys graduated from SHS. My teaching career of 28 years took me through every level of education, from kindergarten to college graduates.  I have had the honor of serving on the SISD board for 7 years and I am proud of the accomplishments my fellow board members and I have done in serving our community and students.  We have increased our fund balance by 8.73% .  

Our I Champion 1-1 device program has linked our students with the technology they need to prepare for an ever increasing digital economy.  I feel that it is our calling to our students to give them every tool to ensure their success in the future because their success is our success.  

I am truly humbled to have been trusted with a place on the SISD board and I ask for your vote and support so that I may continue to serve the students and teachers of our community.