Q&A with Sha King

Staff Writer
Stephenville Empire-Tribune
Sha King: Challenger, place 2
  1.  Do you favor the SISD Bond proposal?  Why or Why Not?

How can a person who is running for School Trustee say that they are not for funding that will help improve the safety, education and accessibility of our schools?  The truth is Gilbert, Hook and Stephenville High School are all in need of major repairs and renovations, if not more. 

The bond proposes security upgrades, safety improvements, and much needed updates and upgrades to ADA restrooms, Fine Arts Classes, CTE Classes and changing areas for athletics, just to name a few. 

I encourage all voters to take the opportunity to tour these facilities and see for themselves the conditions our kids and teachers are required to exist in every day and then make their decision. The problems are simply this; these facilities did not fall into these conditions over night and is this proposal enough for the future needs? If this bond does not pass, we will still have the same ADA, security and outdated facilities issues we have today.  Is this bond proposal the right one? 

That is up to the voters. If the bond passes, it is the Trustees job to ensure that the funding is distributed according to the needs of the campuses.

2. What changes, if any, would you like to see implemented in regards to school security?

We must take measures to help protect our kids and teachers from an attacker.  The first step is hardening the schools to help prevent entry from an outside attacker.

This step includes doors, locks, fences and gates.  We have to control entry into our schools from the outside. However, entry control is not enough.  The second step is protecting the schools from the inside if an attacker gains entry. 

Updates to classroom doors as well as locking and barrier devices will help keep our kids and teachers safe while inside their classrooms. These devices slow down an attacker and give law enforcement valuable time to respond. Unfortunately, target hardening is not enough.

We have to be prepared to stop an attacker that may be inside or may have come from inside the school. SISD must be prepared to implement programs that are designed to stop an attacker once they have entered the school. 

Programs like School Marshals, Guardians and most importantly School Resource Officers.  SRO’s are trained police officers that are assigned to the school whose primary purpose is the safety and security of students, teachers and staff. Currently, SISD has one SRO for seven campuses. 

3. What in your background makes you qualified to serve as a trustee?

I have twenty-three years of experience working in city government.  I have worked with Tax Payer funded budgets and I understand how these types of budgets work and the importance of spending tax dollars wisely. 

My experience in city government has also taught me the importance of Transparency in government operations.  I believe that Tax Payers deserve to be fully informed as to the operations of the governing bodies and that the information should be easily accessible.  Teaching and educating others has been a huge part of my life for fifteen years. 

I have experience teaching in a variety of settings from classrooms to public venues, so I understand the needs of teachers. I teach police cadets, police officers, church groups, and have educated many students on bullying and personal safety. I have been involved with the School Resource Officer Program for over ten years. 

My involvement with this program gives me an insight into the dangers and struggles that our kids face daily in our schools. My experience as a law enforcement officer gives me the background, education and experience to plan and implement programs that will make our kids, teachers and schools safer.