Milling Around

Bettye Key

Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

It is time for February Student of the Month, third grader, Keilani Guereca, was described by her teacher as “over the top”.  Proud mom and dad are Jose and Madgie.  Keilani’s favorite subjects are math and science. She likes to read and do homework.  Two African Grey parrots, Pepper and Chulipa, are her pets.

I looked the birds up on goggle and found that they can live up to 5o years and have an extensive vocabulary with an amusing personality.  Keilani described her pets as gray with a red tail. 

Keilani has attended Morgan Mill since kindergarten and likes her teachers.  She is good at posters.  Shapes, books that she has read, and science have been topics of recent posters.  In UIL, she competed in music memory and her team came in first place.  She also recited a poem in oral reading.  She has two sisters, Kayla in the fifth grade, and one in high school.  She likes to play basketball and hopes to help the sixth grade team when sister is playing ball next year.  Keilani is into the 4-H group and placed sixth in showmanship in showing her goat.  Next year, she plans to show pigs and goats. 

She is looking forward to Spring Break next month because the family plans to go to Florida to see Dad who is currently working there.  Even though the flu has hit MM, Keilani has perfect attendance. Congratulation goes to a happy third grader with a contagious smile.

Continuing with family histories, William H. Jordan Family was written up in A History of Texas published in 1896.  W. H. Jordan arrived in Texas in 1867 after living in Alabama and Mississippi.  He first located at Thorp Spring in Hood County as a rancher and farmer.  After two years, he moved to Erath County buying 130 acres, much of it timbered.  Mr. Jordan on March 10, 1870, married Miss L. C. Hightower, a native of Texas.  The Hightower Cemetery, oldest cemetery in the Morgan Mill area, was named for her father. 

The Jordans had two sons, J.B. and W. A.  The article says that “Mr. Jordan is a member of the Missionary Baptist Church and takes a deep interest in everything pertaining to the moral, educational or social advancement of the community.” 

John B. (Jack) Jordan (1874-1956) was the son of W. H. Jordan and Louisa Hightower Jordan.  He married Lura Irene (Lou) Ashworth (1874-1962).  They raised nine children on the Jordan ranch in Morgan Mill.  The long hill north of MM is named for this family.  The old-timers pronounce it  as “Jerdan” hill. 

Next week, Feb. 22-24, Tarleton will be having the play, “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.” Rolan Garcia, worship leader at Morgan Mill Methodist Church, has been cast in the play.  It is always fun to eat Friday Catholic catfish, and go to the play. If you are interested, call for more information.