Newton talks elimination from MasterChef

Autumn Owens
It was a sad night Wednesday when Lipan's Mike Newton was eliminated from the MasterChef competition.

Wednesday’s episode of MasterChef was a sad one.

Lipan’s Mike Newton was eliminated from the competition, and though he had a great experience on the show, he was not ready to go home.

“I shouldn’t have even been in that (elimination) challenge. It should have been Danny and Jeff,” Newton said. “I certainly didn’t want to be eliminated, I was there for the long run. My short-term goals were to get in the top 10 and top five and eventually win it. I kind of got thrown under the bus by everybody. Hey, a win is a win and a loss is a loss I understand that. I’m disappointed.”

On Wednesday he was in San Diego with MasterChef competitors Brien O’Brien, Dino, Caitlin Jones, Adam and Jenny.

“Three of us got eliminated (Wednesday) night, but we were all together and it was good,” he said.

Newton said the contestants have all stuck together and he will attend a fellow contestant’s wedding in Boston, Massachusetts.

“Danny from the show is getting married in October so we’re going to go to his wedding in Boston,” he said. “We all stick together, we spent so much time together like a small family — large family I should say.”

Asked about this MasterChef experience as a whole, Newton said, “It was incredible. The show was a gateway for me to raise $30,000 plus for people and a semi or two truckloads of food for food banks. We helped a lot of people. The last I heard was that the money alone would feed 150,000 meals - not counting the canned goods.”

He also plans to continue cooking.

“I’m going to keep on cooking,” he said. “No intent on doing a restaurant by any means, but just some private dinners and I’m already going to be a judge on Bacon Bash so we have a lot of different things.”

The 2017 Bacon Bash Texas is a big bacon competition in Cranfills Gap that raises funds for children with type 1 diabetes and Niki Warms the Cold Guardian Angel Ride.

“We’ve had some conversations with MasterChef on what I can do and what I can’t do and you’re just kind of obligated there for a while. I have to be very judicious in what I do so it doesn’t violate my contract,” Newton said. “But hey, maybe they’ll have a MasterChef all stars and bring me back for that."

Newton said he has a couple of EatWith events coming up, which brings together chefs and foodies for a meal in different locations all over the world.

“If you go to you can see what I’m doing,” he said. “At the end of October, I think it’s the last Saturday, we’re doing one in Lipan at the Texas Hill Country Furniture and we’ll be doing that for 4-H.”

As far as who won MasterChef, Newton said he doesn’t know.

“I would like to see Ebony win,” he said. “Just because we had so much compatibility, but any one of these people now can win it.”

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