Educator launches prayer journal as first book

Mark Wilson
Jill C. Power gets set for last Friday's busy book signing launch of her first book, "Praying with Power" at Storiebook Cafe in Glen Rose.

Suddenly, Jill C. Power found she didn’t have a leg to stand on — when an ankle injury forced her to have surgery. That conveniently gave her time to finish what has turned out to be her first book, the self-published prayer journal titled, “Praying with Power.”

Power always considered herself a writer, but she was a professional educator — with triplets. The book ideas floating around in her head were unfulfilled.

“I just finished my eighth year back in the classroom,” Power said. “I stopped being a principal when I had triplets. I’ve always been a writer. Mostly my writing I kept for myself.”

Power, a former Glen Rose Elementary School principal now serving as a teacher at the Intermediate School, started writing an online Christian blog called “Life as I Know It” four years ago.

Two years ago, she attended a large writing conference for women in South Carolina. She met with two publishing houses and “pitched book ideas, but nothing came of that,” she said.

“Eighteen months ago I started working on this prayer journal,” Power said. “I published the first 13 weeks of it on my blog, with the intent to finish it.

“In April I had ankle surgery and I had to be home off of it for three weeks,” Power said last Friday just before signing copies of her book at Storiebook Cafe in downtown Glen Rose.

She said she felt that God was “pressing” for her to complete the project. Power said felt led to follow through even if it meant she had to “go to Staples and make copies.”

Power explained, “All I wanted to do was create a vehicle by which people could get closer to God.”

Her prayer journal features 52 weekly “focus” verses from the Bible, each followed by thought-provoking questions. The reader has space to write his or her own thoughts in several categories, including “Faith,” “Family,” “Friends,” “Feelings,” and “Finances.”

The prayer journal closes with the words “Love. Pray. Serve.”

Power said she self-published the book using CreateSpace on Amazon, where it can be purchased with copies available on demand for $12.50. You can order it through her website ( as well, and she will autograph those copies upon request. It’s also available in a Kindle version.

Power said she feels “completely overwhelmed” that the project is finally complete, setting the stage for her other book ideas such as the topic of infertility.

“There have been so many things about this process that were not comfortable for me, that I’ve had to depend on God to guide me through,” said Power, who was principal at Glen Rose Elementary School for six years. “I have a huge support network.”

That network includes her husband John, who is chief financial officer with Dancar Energy of Glen Rose. She dedicated “Praying with Power” to John. The couple moved here 19 years ago from their hometown, Breckenridge. The triplets turned 10 years old on Sunday.

Power said her husband asked her how many copies of “Praying with Power,” she would have to sell to be satisfied.

“I said, ‘one,’ “ Power said. “I’m not quitting my day job. It’s not about making money.”