Military-approved list of items

Staff Writer
Stephenville Empire-Tribune

Check out this list of approved items for the Boots on the Ground campaign. 

[Electronics and Miscellaneous]

• Itunes gift cards 
• DVD movies [new or used – recent releases only, please!]
• Xbox games, PSP, PS2 & PS3 games [new or used]
 • Computer flash drives & camera memory cards
 • Portable cd players/head phones 
• Electronic handheld games 
• Small homemade gifts [no homemade food] 
• Small photographs or posters of scenery for their tents & walls 
• Small crafts kits, scrap-booking items
 • Day planners/small 
• Game books: [crossword puzzles/ word search books/math puzzle books/Mad Libs/logic problems/Sudoku] 
• Yo-yo’s, dominoes, poker chips & mats, dice
 • Board games [Uno, Othello, Checkers 
• Dart boards 
• Nerf footballs/Whiffle bats, balls & mitts/sports equipment
 and Frisbees/Hacky Sacks 
• Alarm clocks 
• T-shirts: cotton green & tan under shirts 
• Socks: black, olive green & white [cotton or wool] 
• Pre-pain phone cards 
• Stationary/stamps/envelopes
 • Paperback books 

[Personal and Food]

• Protein powder & protein bars 
• Powder drink mix 
• Tuna & chicken salad - in foil pouches, or ready-to-eat kits/
beef jerk/Slim Jims • Sunflower seeds & pumpkin seeds 
• Hard pretzels/Cheetos/Fritos/Chex Mix/Wheat Thins/Ritz crackers, • Granola bars/power bars/cereal bars/cliff bars 
• Nuts: peanuts, mixed nuts 
• Microwave food 
• Cereal  • Condiments, spices; sugar; salad dressing [no glass jars]
 • Caffeinated energy gum or candy 
• Lip balm 
• Body wash, liquid soap, facial cleanser 
• Combs/brushes in original packaging 
• Deodorant [travel size]
• Shaving cream in tubes/shaving soap [no cans of shaving cream!]
 • Hand & body lotion/moisturizer [travel size]
• Sunblock, spf 45, zinc, vitamin e, aloe vera gel 
• Mouthwash [travel size]
 • Breath mints/breath strips 
• Lozenges/cough drops 
• Nail files/clippers
 • Moleskin & shoe insole cushions [gel kind is best] 
• Eye drops 

Cards & letters

The troops love to hear from all of us and mail brightens their days! Everyone in our unit may want to write at least one letter. Consider making a patriotic banner or poster to send inside one of our care packages!  Letters of encouragement from school classes, group and individual are most welcome.

For more information call the DAV at 254-918-5660