SEDA to consider $1.2 million to renovate Lone Star Arena

J. Michael Ross
Several individuals and groups are interested in purchasing Lone Star Arena located just outside the Stephenville city limits on Hwy. 377 North.

The Stephenville Economic Development Authority will meet at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, and perhaps the most intriguing items on the agenda relate to the possible sale and renovation of Lone Star Arena.

The board is expected to discuss possible financial assistance in the amount of $1.2 million for infrastructure and related improvements to Lone Star Arena.

“There are several individuals and groups interested in the purchase of Lone Star Arena, including a possible consortium of the city, SEDA and other entities," said SEDA Executive Director John Hubbard. "There are lots of possibilities and this is preliminary work to put things in place should a sale occur.

“However at this time I don’t have any details regarding what kind of remodeling or renovations would take place because a sale hasn’t happened as of yet.”

One of the parties interested in buying Lone Star Arena is Cody Johnson, owner of Twisted J Apparel, who recently purchased the property on Hwy. 377 that was built and operated by Clinton Anderson, owner of Down Under Horsemanship.

Johnson said if SEDA designates the funding and if he ends up purchasing Lone Star Arena, he will use the money to make improvements to the facility. “If any money is given we are going to put it back into Lone Star Arena and restore it to its former glory," Johnson said. "We know how much it means to this community.”