Pet-ucation Fair a fun, well-attended event Saturday

J. Michael Ross
Heather Nance, owner of Heather's Pet Grooming, and her daughter Danika and son Xander were at the Pet-ucation Fair at Optimist-Jaycee Park on a beautiful fall day Saturday.

Angels & Outlaws 2nd Chance Bully Ranch and Texas Animal Protectors teamed up for a “Pet-ucation” fair Saturday at Optimist-Jaycee Park and it was a fun first effort attended by several hundred people throughout the day.

Angels & Outlaws is a group for education about and protection of bull-bred dogs such as pit bulls.

The fair featured education for kids about pet and stray animal interaction, information about pet food, vendors and more

Leslee Clements and Jennifer Aikman were in charge of the event and Aikman said, “Our mission is to redeem this amazing breed [pit bulls] and to rescue as many death row and abused and neglected bull-bred dogs as is reasonably possible.”

It was a perfect venue for pet groomer, Heather Nance, owner of Heather’s Pet Grooming, who was there with her kids, son Xander and daughter, Danika and several of their dogs.

“I’ve been grooming dogs basically all my life,” Heather said. “I started grooming our family’s dogs when I was about 10 and finally made a business out of it. I do pick-ups and drop-offs and try to make it as convenient as I can for people. I think this event is a great idea and I just wanted to come out and support it.”

TSU graduate Denise Harroff was at the event representing Texas Animal Protectors.

“We’re trying to increase awareness that so many animals need us and we want to help out as many of them as possible. We just thought this Pet-ucation Fair would be a fun way to get our message our,” she said.

The event also featured a doggie kissing booth, information about low cost pet resources, a raffle and auction, and a bounce house for the kids.

If you’d like to become involved with these organizations or learn more, you can reach Clements at 254-592-3888 or Aikman at 254-243-0566.