Area, state rainfall below last year's total

Autumn Owens Twitter @aowensETnews

Although August was the wettest in more than a century for the state of Texas this year, the rain total is still slightly below last year’s with a forecast showing below average rainfall for the next three months.

By the end of last September the state had received 51.35 inches of rain compared to this year’s total of 48.20 inches at the end of September.

For the Stephenville area the year to date total is currently at 37.10 inches, according to local weather watcher Dean Jones.

“For the month of September I had 2.85 inches,” Jones wrote in an email. “My friend, Charles Bragg, who lives in Timber Hills also keeps track daily and has almost 7 inches more YTD.”

Jones’ records show that last year the Stephenville area had a total of 71.70 inches, the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension website showing a total of 77.37 for the state.

An article released by the Dallas Morning News states that the 2015 year was Texas’ wettest year since record-keeping began in 1895.

In order to hit last year’s record total, the state will need to receive an additional 29.17 inches over the next couple of months.

An additional 34.6 inches of rainfall would be needed in order for the Stephenville area to hit the 2015 year end total.

Here’s a breakdown of Stephenville’s 2016 monthly rainfall according to Jones’ records:

  • January - 0.2 inches
  • February - 1.71 inches
  • March - 3.20 inches
  • April - 8.80 inches
  • May - 12.70 inches
  • June - 2.95 inches
  • July - 0.15 inches
  • August - 4.25 inches
  • September - 2.85 inches

Right now the National Weather Service’s three-month climate prediction is showing that Texas will be below average on rainfall amounts.

So unless that prediction is wrong and the state receives a high amount of precipitation like last year - 26.02 inches falling October through December - it seems unlikely that Texas and Stephenville will hit the 2015 year end totals.