Peacock's offers free meals to mammogram participants

J. Michael Ross
To promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Peacock's is offering a free meal to women who have a mammogram and bring in their receipt. The offer is open through the end of October. Pictured are Peacock's employees Linn Whitely, Amber Gordon and manager Judy Bissonnette.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a cause that's critically important to support not just now, but year round – and Peacock’s restaurant owners Steve and Linda Peacock − are doing just that.

They’re repeating their efforts at raising awareness for the second year in a row by paying for mammograms for their female employees and offering a free meal to women who get a mammogram exam in October and bring in a receipt.

Peacock’s manager Judy Bissonette said, “We’ll be doing this all month, so anyone who comes in with a receipt from a mammogram by the end of the month will get the free meal.”

Linda is an eight-year double mastectomy breast cancer survivor so this is very real to them.

When they inaugurated their efforts to raise awareness and action in the area of breast cancer last year, Linda said, "I was just very fortunate. I had a mammogram and they detected a very small tumor that I wouldn't have found myself," Linda said. "I can't say enough about mammograms. It's all turned out this way because I had one simple test and I just encourage every woman over 40 to do it."

Bissonnette emphasizes that they'd like to challenge other businesses to do something that encourages women to take the exam as well.

“This is so important and we hope that other businesses will do something to encourage women to get a mammogram this month,“ Bissonnette said.

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, businesses in the Stephenville area raised over $277,000 in last year’s drive.

There are two Peacock's family-friendly restaurants in Stephenville where women with a mammogram receipt can get a free meal, and both are open seven days a week.

One is at 1615 W. South Loop and the other is at 1700 W. Lingleville Hwy across the street from Ranger College.