Meet this week's featured pets

Josh Harville
Patch is being playful while Shiner enjoys a moment in the shade. Both are up for adoption at the ECHS.

This week’s featured pets are Shiner and Patch. They are a bonded pair that came into the Erath County Humane Society together and are to be adopted out together.

Shiner is a 10-year-old female shepherd mix and Patch is a six-year-old male border collie.

“They’re very healthy,” said ECHS director Diane McCoy.

Shiner is spayed but Patch is not fixed.

“Shiner is outgoing and Patch is more submissive and very easygoing,” McCoy said. “He’s a really good dog to not be fixed.”

The two were surrendered last September when their previous owners moved and their living accommodations didn’t allow for them to stay.

“They are very easy keepers,” McCoy said. “They don’t complain or get caught up in all the barking chaos. The majority of the time they’re really chill. I think they’d be excellent country dogs.”

When the E-T visited Shiner and Patch at the ECHS it was immediately apparent they were special. Patch rolled over, showed his belly and gave a smile. Shiner wagged her tail and was very friendly.

For more information about Shiner and Patch call the ECHS at 965-3247 or find them on Facebook. Currently the ECHS is hosting 19 cats and 72 dogs that are waiting for a loving forever home.