Bond proposal stirs mixed reaction

Josh Harville
Luanne Schexnider, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau of Dublin.

A visit to Dublin Wednesday to ask residents what they think about Dublin ISD's $10 million school bond election shows residents have mixed - and strong - reactions to the proposal.

Executive director of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce Luanne Schexnider said she is in favor of the bond.

“Because I grew up in Dublin and I moved away for 20 years and moved back for 10, I think it’s something that will help attract people to the area," she said. "I was a school teacher before I became the chamber executive director of Dublin and I raised two children in public schools. So after being in other school districts in other states, I feel like it’s important for this area to stay progressive and we need updated facilities for optimum success.”

Stanley Anderson moved to the Dublin area in 1978 and is currently retired. He is involved with the Masonic Lodge and had a visceral reaction when asked what he thought about the bond.

“Stupidity,” he said. “We don’t need it. We want the best education possible for the kids but use common sense.”

Anderson’s opinions weren’t rooted against the bond itself but how the district plans to spend the $10 million, particularly the plus $4.5 million plan for a new football field.

Judy Horton of Sweet Delights has been a Dublin resident for more than 10 years and has a granddaughter growing up in Dublin.

“As far as I’m concerned it’s a long time waiting,” she said. “Dublin has so much to offer to the community and to the students. With this money we’re going to be able to go over the top. It’s a good place to raise kids and for kids and grandkids to grow up. If our facilities are good than it’ll bring in more people. You have to spend money to make money.”