Steady progress at former Coca-Cola plant

The front wall removal and replacement at the former Coca-Cola plant on Washington Street is almost complete. The general contractor on the job said Cricket Wireless is the first tenant to commit to occupying one of the six commercial spaces in the building.

There's still a lot of building to be done by Vince Daddio Construction, the general contractor on the former Coca-Cola plant remodel on Washington Street, but the new front wall of the building is up and painted, and the windows and doors are in as well.

The original front wall of the building was removed and has been in the process of being replaced with an entirely new stucco, rock and glass elevation. The other three walls have remained in place.

The building is approximately 16,000 square feet and is undergoing a major interior redesign and exterior facelift, including a new roof and parking lots.

Wesley Farrell, project supervisor said, "We'll be working on the interior for a while yet, and we'll be pouring the concrete for the front parking lot soon.”

Farrell said that Cricket Wireless will be occupying one of the spaces in the remodeled facility when it opens.

"There are all kinds of rumors about who's going to come in, but at this time, Cricket Wireless is the only one I know of for sure that's coming in," he said at the job site on Monday.

Cricket Wireless is a prepaid cell phone provider that is owned by AT&T.

Parking in the rear of the building has been poured, and according to Farrell, “The front parking lot will take about a month to pour, and we’ll start putting the rock on the front soon, too."

When the project was begun last winter, realtor Heidi Olsen of Brooks Real Estate − who is in charge of leasing for the project − said the plan is for the building to accommodate six units.

"They’ll range from 2,275 square feet to our end-cap units at 3,443 square feet," Olsen said. "The ultimate goal is for those end units to house two national franchise restaurants as our anchor tenants."

Daddio said the rock work on the facade will begin next week, and he expects the entire project to be complete within 30-45 days.