Voters overwhelmingly approve Tax Ratification Election

AUTUMN OWENS Twitter @aowensETnews
Matt Underwood, Stephenville ISD superintendent, looked over the results of the TRE at the Erath County Courthouse Tuesday night.

Voters overwhelmingly approved Stephenville ISD's Tax Ratification Election, 1,351-541.

“Obviously we’re pleased with the outcome of the SISD Tax Ratification Election,” said Matt Underwood, Stephenville ISD superintendent. “Our goal during this process was two-fold. We wanted to move forward with a financial strategy that not only realized some additional funding today, but ensured a strong financial position for future legislative changes.”

The measure will allow the school district to move $0.13 from interest and sinking into maintenance and operations while keeping the tax rate at $1.2349. The swap of funds will increase state funding for Stephenville ISD.

“This additional funding will allow each student at Hook Elementary access to a personal iPad,” Underwood said. “More importantly, it will enable a comprehensive individual technology plan over the next three to four years that will encompass grades three through 12.”

Underwood said the district will canvass election results on Nov. 16 and then push out the tax notifications.

“We also intend to paint a picture of integrity with our community and stand by our position of not raising taxes. Community trust is extremely hard to gain and very easy to lose,” Underwood said. “Very few times in public education does the proceeds of any tax-related endeavor end up entirely in the hands of the student. That is the reality of this proposition.”